Saturday, September 27, 2008


I am still writing the never-ending thesis. It has still not come to an end. But we're getting there, and I actually suggested to someone today that "If I get my thesis done early..." HAHAHA and then we all died laughing, but at least it seems like it might maybe end, someday in the future.

Also never-ending? My list of things to do in November. Man, I am going to be busy, but seriously, November is going to ROCK THE FUCKING HOUSE. I'm thinking of adding the list to the sidebar, just so I can remember what I wanted to do, because I keep thinking of new things, and The List is as yet not written down anywhere, and you just know I will get distracted by the first thing on it (Beach!) and forget about the rest. If you think of anything I should be doing once I'm free (Freeeee!) let me know, k? Thanks.

I do need to go shopping before November, because we're going to the Living End concert on Tuesday, and I really have no idea what to wear. SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE.

Oh yeah, Reason #1 why November is going to kick arse:

THIRTY DEGREES TODAY, HELL YEAH. (86°F) Did I mention the beach already?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Going to Graduation, parentheses, The Graduation Song

Graduation is held in April, for students who finish at the end of the year. There is a second one held for people who finish at the end of semester one. I decided to skip the April one, since I was going to be doing Honours and would get another one (assuming I pass) in April 09.

However, the graduation people just sent me an email which said (slight paraphrase), "It's almost summer! Your thesis will be over (for better or worse) in less than a month! There are some really pretty dresses out now! How bout you graduate in December of this year?"

So I've decided to go to graduation. With a cap and a gown and all of that.

There are three things standing in my way:
~ Thesis: Due October 15th.
~ Editing Project: Due 24th of October.
~ Special Project: Due 7th of November.

And then I'll be FREEEEEEEE!

Monday, September 22, 2008

How To Lower Your Power Bill ...

... And Other Important Lessons.

How to lower your power bill: Get sick with a fever high enough that you don't even have to use your heater.


Why would a room in a rehab hospital not have a remote control for the tv?
When patients can climb up on the bed and stretch up to the power button on the tv itself, they are all better.


Lesson One on How To Give Confusing Directions And Make Me Lose Faith In Google Maps: Tell me the wrong name of the building, the wrong number, and make the street one that Google changes to something else every time I search for it.


Friend#1: Coming out tonight?
Me: I'll come out in November.
Friend#2: Let's go shopping!
Me: I'll go shopping in November.
My Crazy Side: We should go for a run.
Me: I'll go for a run in November Hahahaha no.

Lesson? (Almost) Everything in the world will be happening in November.


Lecturers: How's that assignment coming along?

Lesson: Sucks to be an Honours lecturer in Semester Two.

Friday, September 19, 2008

More things no-one told me about Adelaide

Darwin doesn't have a winter. Okay, it has a Dry Season, where it - gasp! - sometimes gets below 20°C (68°F), but nothing compared to what I have suffered for the past eternity several months here in Adelaide.

Luckily, before it got too bad, I bought my favourite thing in the world right now: a heater.

Last night I was told very nicely, if a bit too subtly at first, that our electricity bill was likely to be a more than usual this ... month? quarter? whatever. I was all, 'I'm sure we can all put in a bit more rent this week, it'll be a small price to pay for being warm.'

Except: it's going to be an extra couple of hundred dollars. And also, I am the only one in the house with a heater. (Which, how the HELL did they SURVIVE?! I wasn't even here for the worst of it.) Who knew heat (HEAT!) was worth that much!

I am still on board with sharing the cost. After all, I am going to be SO MUCH BETTER than them at coping in summer. I bet I won't even to have my fan above 3. I am just that good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Better To Give

When I think back to my high-school group and our present-giving habits, were we fricking insane? Like, we would spend $75 on a bracelet for someone's 17th birthday. Which was totally lovely of us, I'll admit, and it was always reciprocated, so that wasn't an issue, but really? A group of high-school students, two-thirds (or later, three-fifths) of which was unemployed, and we're dropping that kind of cash?

I think we need to have some rules about presents.

If someone "throws" a party, like in primary school, when you go to someone's house and there's fairy bread and pass-the-parcel, you definitely bring a present. Chances are great that the accompanying card will be the same as someone else's.

If someone invites forty people from the Hall to Hog's Breath (think Outback) and twenty people show up, I don't think you usually have to bring a present, when everyone is paying for themselves. (If the birthday girl/boy is paying, hell yes you bring a present.)

BUT, if the person having the dinner is a good friend, you should bring a present, even if it's just a token gift to mark the occasion. But then where is the line? How do you decide, 'oh you're good enough for a card but not a gift.' Or 'oh, I'm just here for the food and didn't even know it was your birthday, so no present for you.' Or do you always take a gift, no matter what? Always bring a card?

Maybe decide on the basis of 'I totally forgot until another girl from work messaged me, didn't have time to get a card, but happen to have a Body Shop gift pack lying around'? Works for me. This time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hi guys! It's 10:25 and according to my schedule, my next uni work time block starts at 10:30, and I haven't showered or had breakfast at this point, so you don't get any exciting stories, and also because there aren't any. Instead, you get Toga pics!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'd have to pay attention to this if I wanted to be elected

I mentioned that the US election got brought up in class the other day, and I was not planning to say anything else, because good lord, there is enough being written about it as it is, but then you guys seemed interested, so here we go.

First of all, I am not really interested in politics. It's boring, as far as I'm concerned, and even acknowledging that elections ARE going to affect me, I can't muster up too much enthusiasm. (I did politics and law at uni before I came to Adelaide, so I know about the process of things, just not so much the current events.)

So I wouldn't be likely to speak up in any discussion regarding specific political things, although I do have lots of opinions on ISSUES. I do think it would be cool for a non-white male to be president.

We spent most of the time on Sarah Palin (and also, how the hell do you pronounce her surname?) and the internet gave me the impression she was going to be a liability, was not representing women (or not necessarily getting the female vote, y'know?), and that she needed to decide on a better work/family balance. I also got this impression (that she is scary) from someone in Australia who knows about politics, so my class isn't totally representative. They were all like 'yay young hot woman' and how she could bring youth or whatever to the campaign.

And then someone mentioned that this was really a race of the VPs because - and this I did NOT hear from the internet! - Obama was likely to be assassinated. And also the old guy (McCain? yeah, I'm very educated on this topic) was going to cark it. And here's where I wanted to say 'yes but that's why people won't vote for HIM, because they don't want HER,' but I didn't, because the internet hadn't told my class that it doesn't like Sarah Palin. And maybe it didn't even tell me that, I really have no idea.

That was all it was really, not a huge thing actually, but that class was annoying me anyway so I seized the opportunity to bitch about it.

If I was going to be President, I would do something about health care, ginormous college debts, and huuuge cars that use way too much petrol. And I'd stop fighting in stupid wars.

I would like to invite anyone in Australia/not the US who actually knows about this shit to leave a comment so that we can present an accurate view of our political take on all this. Cheers. And for those of you in the US, I'd be interested to see if I am actually picking up what the internet is putting down.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mail Time Mission Accomplished

Remember when I was all, "I want to send you stuff!" And then you all were like, "Meh, ok." Well check it out...

...parcels and postcards!

I wrapped up the parcels, and promptly forgot what was in each of them, so if the explanatory note on the outside makes no sense, just send it to someone else and they'll send you yours.

Also, I was trying to write explanatory notes without giving away what was actually in the parcels. So if your note says something like "The mmhmm was from this shop that specialises in mmhmms" it was just me trying to be circumspect.

Which of course was all for nothing because you have to fill in extremely detailed customs forms, so if you could all not read those, that'd be great. Not that they will probably give much away because there is little to no chance that (a) I remembered what was in them, and (b) the forms ended up on the right parcels. Also, your gifts all equal $10, a totally made up number. Come on, Australia Post, don't you think if I've ticked "Gift" I should be able to skip the value part?

I also think it's highly unlikely that most of these will get to anyone at all. You guys have some freaking long-arse addresses. My house numbers have been 8 and 13. Yours are like 937582Aiix. And your postcodes are five numbers long! I can't handle that many numbers! Maybe you should check with your neighbours (by which I mean people in neighbouring zip codes) to see if they get your parcels.

And finally, I was shocked that they still sell stamps you have to LICK. EW. And my tongue TASTES LIKE STAMPS. And also, AUSTRALIA POST PROVIDES STAMP LICKER THINGS, DUMBARSE:

Whoo! Mail time!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aaand ... Stop The Clock

It only took thatlong for the US election to come up as a topic in a class which has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

The class's opinion seemed to be different to my understanding of the situation, but I couldn't really say anything, because "I read it on a blog the other day" doesn't count as an adequate argument. Plus, I'd already used "On Blue Heelers last night" and "On Grey's Anatomy that one time" and thought that was quite enough off-topic pop culture referencing for one day.

Add to that the fact that the lecturer managed to insult blogs, bloggers, and dismiss my argument regarding "fuck's safe" versus "Christ's sake" all in the space of five minutes and I think it's clear I should just keep my mouth shut.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Due Date

I've finally started to freak out about my thesis. (My supervisor, if she reads this which I hope she doesn't: "It's about fricking time!")

I go back and forth between my hands literally shaking because there's no way this is going to be acceptable, typing, clicking Word Count obsessively, and watching later episodes of House which there is no way I am writing about but I can justify it to myself and that nagging feeling which says I should be working on my thesis that it's actually research.

Turns out a thesis isn't just an extended essay. It's like a real, grown-up, academic paper, which they are going to keep in the library. That is so embarrassing. I don't want to do this anymore. I could work in childcare forever. Totally. That'll work.

And then I eat half a can of Pringles and four not-crossed buns, feel like throwing up, write a post about it, and then I suck it up. Because that's what I do. Create a situation, and then act like I just walked in, evaluate what has to be done, and suck it up and do it. It might be done HD-well anymore, but it gets done. I hope.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mail Time Part Two

Part One is here.

When I was away, I bought a bunch of souvenir-type stuff, and when I got back divided it up to send/give to various people. Whoever I was planning to give the Disney chocolate to, I'm sorry, it's still sitting on my bookshelf. I don't know why I haven't eaten it yet.

I sent Carla - um, what did I send you? - something San Francisco-ish, I'm sure, plus a bunch of BlogHer swag items I'd collected. In the accompanying note I said something about needing to explain some of the things I'd sent her, because they were just random things, not souvenirs or anything. And then she got it and was all, "YES, I think you DO need to explain why you sent me THIS," and I was all, "Really?" and she was all, "YES, and also, don't you even know what you sent me?"

And then I was like, "Clearly not, but I am totally intrigued."

And THEN I was like, "Actually, I can't really explain that. But I sure am glad the other USB got sent to my little brother."

I realise not everyone loves getting mail as much as I do, but if you think that postcards and surprise packages are pretty cool, you can still let me know and you never know what might turn up.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mail Time Part One

I want to be my grandma. Not actually, but in one specific way: the present-giving way. She always always has presents posted on time. (She also writes - by hand - letters to her daughters in another state every week. I wish I could write letters.)

When we were young, Laura-My-Cousin and I always got the same thing as each other from her, identical apart from the fact that she'd get the pink version and I'd get the blue. Every time, except the year we got jewellery boxes. You know the ones with the little ballerina inside that plays some tinkly music when you wind it up and open it? We got those. I got the pink and she got the blue.

And? The one year she got blue, it was a totally ugly shade of blue. Meanwhile, I got the pretty pink one.

Also, I don't think we still get the same thing. If we do, LMC, you're getting earrings for your birthday. Oops, spoiler!

Now that I'm living in a different state to my boys, I have to be all on the ball with dates of things like birthdays and Fathers Day. Not only do I have to remember to buy a present, I have to buy it in time to mail it to Darwin. The pressure!

I am totally proud of the fact that I have managed to buy awesome tshirts and get them in the right size for the past couple of years. Only now, I'm afraid to buy any more in case I ruin my rep. Sorry guys, I'm sticking with my perfect record.

I am happy to say that my Fathers Day present was bought and posted and is currently in Darwin, waiting to be opened tomorrow morning. God, I'm good.

I realise not everyone loves getting mail as much as I do, but if you think that postcards and surprise packages are pretty cool, you can still let me know and you never know what might turn up.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

600 / Delurk / Presents!

This is my 600th post! Woohoo!

I want to give you stuff! Yay you! (I annoyingly keep not winning Pay It Forward contests!)

But you have to delurk first! I have no more exclamation marks!

If you are one of my amazing readers (and I don't have any other kind), leave me a comment saying hi. Or something. Because it's my first post's 600th birthday.

If you also want some kind of present (which may be a postcard, or it may be a book or CD, or it may be an iPhone (it won't be an iPhone), or something else I haven't thought of yet), you need to email me meanwhilemissy AT gmail DOT com with an address. And I promise I won't stalk you with it, mostly because you live too far away. Everyone will get something, because I love you, and it will as awesome as I can make it.

So talk to me. Pretty please?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Uni Is Haunted

Last week, we had the great Contrary Scooter Incident of 2008. At uni.

Today, the lecturer was going around the room writing everyone's names down because he still can't remember everyone's names even though there's only eight of us in the class and if he hasn't by now maybe it's not worth the effort.

When he finished, he realised that everyone was sitting in alphabetical order.

AND THEN, there was a spare seat because one girl was late. And it was in the right spot in the alphabet.

Fricking spooky, dude.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Upside Down

Sometimes I wonder if I should make this blog a little more Australian. You know, spread a few more mates and strewths about the place. And then I kick myself in the head, because dude, you are not the only Australian blogger in the whole world, no-one cares that you're Australian, you need to get over yourself.

On the other hand, there's no denying the fact that I am indeed Australian, and while there's no need to shout it from the rooftops all the damn time because that's just obnoxious, one post isn't going to hurt anybody. Plus, I am not averse to pimping out Australia as a holiday destination. Come visit! Bring ice-cream.*

*I don't want to get into the you have/we have thing here, because we already know where I stand on most of that, except to say: you guys (in America, that is, not the whole Northern Hemisphere) don't get proper Cadbury. It's very sad.

Let's just clear something up right away: the toilet flushes the other way. Yes, it's true. Also? I just discovered this myself, but your light switches are upside-down. Like up is on and down is off, but backwards. Weird.

And then, I wonder about fashion trends. Like right now it's winter here and summer there. But are the same kinds of things in fashion? (Answer: no. I didn't see any checks when I was there.) Or do our summer fashions follow your summer fashions, so we are consistently behind? Or do we all have different trends so that your Summer 08 clothes and our Summer 08 clothes will be different?

On a similar train of thought, day is night and night is day. This is totally confusing. Not to mention difficult when trying to organise IM planning sessions. It's nice that I go to sleep and wake up with 132 unread blog posts. It's not so nice that I have nothing to read in the (my) evenings. Plus, what if I text you and wake you up? Oops.

Oh! And then? I get so caught up in your lives, that I forget what's going on on this side of the planet. Like, the other day, we had a sudden rush on blue trackies, and I was like, "Oh, must be getting in some last-minute school shopping," which ... sure, except that kids here went back to school WEEKS AGO. Idiot. You all are confusing me.

Also confusing? We grew up thinking that if we dug through the middle of the earth, we'd get to China. Pfft, no. We'd get to like the middle of the ocean.

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