Thursday, September 04, 2008

600 / Delurk / Presents!

This is my 600th post! Woohoo!

I want to give you stuff! Yay you! (I annoyingly keep not winning Pay It Forward contests!)

But you have to delurk first! I have no more exclamation marks!

If you are one of my amazing readers (and I don't have any other kind), leave me a comment saying hi. Or something. Because it's my first post's 600th birthday.

If you also want some kind of present (which may be a postcard, or it may be a book or CD, or it may be an iPhone (it won't be an iPhone), or something else I haven't thought of yet), you need to email me meanwhilemissy AT gmail DOT com with an address. And I promise I won't stalk you with it, mostly because you live too far away. Everyone will get something, because I love you, and it will as awesome as I can make it.

So talk to me. Pretty please?


  1. Am delurking. I've been keeping an eye on your Blogher posts as I was so jealous that you got to go while I stayed here and worked hard. Happy 600th post.

  2. you're sending me an iphone? sweet! thanks! LOL

  3. Happy 600th!!! Woo!!!

  4. hiiiiii missy! i would glady take a postcard from australia :)

  5. hi.


  6. please send yourself back to my house.
    i miss you.

  7. immoral matriarch: hi!!!!

    jen: wish you'd been able to come with. maybe next year.

    jennster: oh yeah of course, it's on its way.

    sw: thanks dude.

    katelin: i can def manage that. just email me your address.

    alainn: don't think i can post a bus lol. how bout some yoyo?

    tiffany: if you pay the postage, i absolutely will. i miss you too.

    aimee: thanks heaps.

  8. Missy, congratulations on 600 posts! Now 601, 'cause I'm late to the party.

  9. thanks dude. and we should have a 601 party as well, it shouldn't have to miss out.

  10. Happy 600th!! I'm not really delurking, but I am really behind on my reading. ;) I am all about the presents, but mailing anything to me would be a bit expensive I think. I like postcards!

  11. hey bri! aussie postcards are totally something i can do. email me with your address.


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