Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Upside Down

Sometimes I wonder if I should make this blog a little more Australian. You know, spread a few more mates and strewths about the place. And then I kick myself in the head, because dude, you are not the only Australian blogger in the whole world, no-one cares that you're Australian, you need to get over yourself.

On the other hand, there's no denying the fact that I am indeed Australian, and while there's no need to shout it from the rooftops all the damn time because that's just obnoxious, one post isn't going to hurt anybody. Plus, I am not averse to pimping out Australia as a holiday destination. Come visit! Bring ice-cream.*

*I don't want to get into the you have/we have thing here, because we already know where I stand on most of that, except to say: you guys (in America, that is, not the whole Northern Hemisphere) don't get proper Cadbury. It's very sad.

Let's just clear something up right away: the toilet flushes the other way. Yes, it's true. Also? I just discovered this myself, but your light switches are upside-down. Like up is on and down is off, but backwards. Weird.

And then, I wonder about fashion trends. Like right now it's winter here and summer there. But are the same kinds of things in fashion? (Answer: no. I didn't see any checks when I was there.) Or do our summer fashions follow your summer fashions, so we are consistently behind? Or do we all have different trends so that your Summer 08 clothes and our Summer 08 clothes will be different?

On a similar train of thought, day is night and night is day. This is totally confusing. Not to mention difficult when trying to organise IM planning sessions. It's nice that I go to sleep and wake up with 132 unread blog posts. It's not so nice that I have nothing to read in the (my) evenings. Plus, what if I text you and wake you up? Oops.

Oh! And then? I get so caught up in your lives, that I forget what's going on on this side of the planet. Like, the other day, we had a sudden rush on blue trackies, and I was like, "Oh, must be getting in some last-minute school shopping," which ... sure, except that kids here went back to school WEEKS AGO. Idiot. You all are confusing me.

Also confusing? We grew up thinking that if we dug through the middle of the earth, we'd get to China. Pfft, no. We'd get to like the middle of the ocean.


1 comment:

  1. I can totally relate to what you're saying--but in reverse.

    Most of my online social interaction is with people in Australia. I get confused sometimes.

    When I check the time, I automatically convert it to Australia time--well, Sydney time at least.

    I find the most blog posts when I wake up in the morning. From about 10-4 everyday, my Internet world is extremely quiet.


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