Saturday, September 27, 2008


I am still writing the never-ending thesis. It has still not come to an end. But we're getting there, and I actually suggested to someone today that "If I get my thesis done early..." HAHAHA and then we all died laughing, but at least it seems like it might maybe end, someday in the future.

Also never-ending? My list of things to do in November. Man, I am going to be busy, but seriously, November is going to ROCK THE FUCKING HOUSE. I'm thinking of adding the list to the sidebar, just so I can remember what I wanted to do, because I keep thinking of new things, and The List is as yet not written down anywhere, and you just know I will get distracted by the first thing on it (Beach!) and forget about the rest. If you think of anything I should be doing once I'm free (Freeeee!) let me know, k? Thanks.

I do need to go shopping before November, because we're going to the Living End concert on Tuesday, and I really have no idea what to wear. SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE.

Oh yeah, Reason #1 why November is going to kick arse:

THIRTY DEGREES TODAY, HELL YEAH. (86°F) Did I mention the beach already?


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