Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mail Time Part One

I want to be my grandma. Not actually, but in one specific way: the present-giving way. She always always has presents posted on time. (She also writes - by hand - letters to her daughters in another state every week. I wish I could write letters.)

When we were young, Laura-My-Cousin and I always got the same thing as each other from her, identical apart from the fact that she'd get the pink version and I'd get the blue. Every time, except the year we got jewellery boxes. You know the ones with the little ballerina inside that plays some tinkly music when you wind it up and open it? We got those. I got the pink and she got the blue.

And? The one year she got blue, it was a totally ugly shade of blue. Meanwhile, I got the pretty pink one.

Also, I don't think we still get the same thing. If we do, LMC, you're getting earrings for your birthday. Oops, spoiler!

Now that I'm living in a different state to my boys, I have to be all on the ball with dates of things like birthdays and Fathers Day. Not only do I have to remember to buy a present, I have to buy it in time to mail it to Darwin. The pressure!

I am totally proud of the fact that I have managed to buy awesome tshirts and get them in the right size for the past couple of years. Only now, I'm afraid to buy any more in case I ruin my rep. Sorry guys, I'm sticking with my perfect record.

I am happy to say that my Fathers Day present was bought and posted and is currently in Darwin, waiting to be opened tomorrow morning. God, I'm good.

I realise not everyone loves getting mail as much as I do, but if you think that postcards and surprise packages are pretty cool, you can still let me know and you never know what might turn up.


  1. My grandma did that with my sister and I. I got pink, she got blue. She got purple, I got red.

  2. i knew you guys were all upside down and whatnot, but your father's day is in september, too?

    next you'll try to tell me that you don't have ben and jerry's...

  3. Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep the shirts coming, if you don't I might have to ...


    ..*whispers* go shopping..


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