Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Due Date

I've finally started to freak out about my thesis. (My supervisor, if she reads this which I hope she doesn't: "It's about fricking time!")

I go back and forth between my hands literally shaking because there's no way this is going to be acceptable, typing, clicking Word Count obsessively, and watching later episodes of House which there is no way I am writing about but I can justify it to myself and that nagging feeling which says I should be working on my thesis that it's actually research.

Turns out a thesis isn't just an extended essay. It's like a real, grown-up, academic paper, which they are going to keep in the library. That is so embarrassing. I don't want to do this anymore. I could work in childcare forever. Totally. That'll work.

And then I eat half a can of Pringles and four not-crossed buns, feel like throwing up, write a post about it, and then I suck it up. Because that's what I do. Create a situation, and then act like I just walked in, evaluate what has to be done, and suck it up and do it. It might be done HD-well anymore, but it gets done. I hope.

1 comment:

  1. Dude, in situations like these, it's just like you said, you suck it up and do it because you have to.

    You totally want to do this. Your topic is totally cool. I never had any intention on reading any thesis's (thesisis? theses? wtf?!) but I'll actually read yours, not because you're my friend, but because it sounds cool! Not some boring-as-bat-shit topic that involves economics in post-blah compared to blah blah blah. See? So boring I can't even come up with a topic.

    So don't stress. Or do stress and write the coolest thesis ever!


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