Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Better To Give

When I think back to my high-school group and our present-giving habits, were we fricking insane? Like, we would spend $75 on a bracelet for someone's 17th birthday. Which was totally lovely of us, I'll admit, and it was always reciprocated, so that wasn't an issue, but really? A group of high-school students, two-thirds (or later, three-fifths) of which was unemployed, and we're dropping that kind of cash?

I think we need to have some rules about presents.

If someone "throws" a party, like in primary school, when you go to someone's house and there's fairy bread and pass-the-parcel, you definitely bring a present. Chances are great that the accompanying card will be the same as someone else's.

If someone invites forty people from the Hall to Hog's Breath (think Outback) and twenty people show up, I don't think you usually have to bring a present, when everyone is paying for themselves. (If the birthday girl/boy is paying, hell yes you bring a present.)

BUT, if the person having the dinner is a good friend, you should bring a present, even if it's just a token gift to mark the occasion. But then where is the line? How do you decide, 'oh you're good enough for a card but not a gift.' Or 'oh, I'm just here for the food and didn't even know it was your birthday, so no present for you.' Or do you always take a gift, no matter what? Always bring a card?

Maybe decide on the basis of 'I totally forgot until another girl from work messaged me, didn't have time to get a card, but happen to have a Body Shop gift pack lying around'? Works for me. This time.


  1. I'm so awful at giving presents, probably because I'm always broke and it's HARD to find something fabulously perfect and inexpensive :P

  2. what is a fairy bead and parcel pass?

  3. OH MY GOD. Aimee, please tell me you're kidding.

    Fairy bread: buttered bread with 100s and 1000s (maybe you call them sprinkles?) on top.

    Pass the parcel: kids party game where you ... pass a parcel.

  4. Oh, I totally thought it said beads. Nope, no fairy bread here...that I know of. And pass the parcel, nope, not that either.
    I did get a post card in the mail today!!!!!!!
    Thanks!!!! You'll be getting a little sumpthen back soon.

  5. I had no idea what you were talking about either. ;) I'm still having trouble with buttered bread with sprinkles on it. Sprinkles? Like candy sprinkles? That doesn't sound right. lol
    I got my postcard, too, I was so excited! Yay mail that isn't a bill or grocery store flyer!!

  6. man, you guys are missing out. fairy bread pic here.

    glad the postcards got there, despite your hell confusing addresses!

  7. Yeah, fairy bread? Although based on that picture, I think my kids would looooove it.

    I hate this dilemma.


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