Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mail Time Part Two

Part One is here.

When I was away, I bought a bunch of souvenir-type stuff, and when I got back divided it up to send/give to various people. Whoever I was planning to give the Disney chocolate to, I'm sorry, it's still sitting on my bookshelf. I don't know why I haven't eaten it yet.

I sent Carla - um, what did I send you? - something San Francisco-ish, I'm sure, plus a bunch of BlogHer swag items I'd collected. In the accompanying note I said something about needing to explain some of the things I'd sent her, because they were just random things, not souvenirs or anything. And then she got it and was all, "YES, I think you DO need to explain why you sent me THIS," and I was all, "Really?" and she was all, "YES, and also, don't you even know what you sent me?"

And then I was like, "Clearly not, but I am totally intrigued."

And THEN I was like, "Actually, I can't really explain that. But I sure am glad the other USB got sent to my little brother."

I realise not everyone loves getting mail as much as I do, but if you think that postcards and surprise packages are pretty cool, you can still let me know and you never know what might turn up.


  1. Yes, and you made me extremely suspicious when you used the word "intrigued"... I thought you were playing a prank on me! Fancy getting a USB flash drive that had ads for lubricant in it!

    Definitely one of the more, ahem, interesting, presents I've ever received!

  2. It would have been awesome if I'd planned it, and was using that word on purpose, but no. I was just drunk when I grabbed usbs off the KY people and promptly forgot I had them.

    i have a million little things that look like that, and i thought that they were REALLY ky jelly. not that i need that, of course. i mean, if i needed that, i would have noticed by now that those little pink boxes aren't actually filled with lubricant.
    unless...are your little pink boxes different from mine?

    you know what?
    i think i should just stop commenting on this subject.
    carry on as you were, good internet people.

  4. Carla only got pictures, you probably got the real thing.

  5. Lube was the best freebie ever, I thought, and who DOESN'T love surprise packages?

  6. I had some of that lube; I gave it to my sister!

  7. i love the extra blogher swag :)


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