Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Uni Is Haunted

Last week, we had the great Contrary Scooter Incident of 2008. At uni.

Today, the lecturer was going around the room writing everyone's names down because he still can't remember everyone's names even though there's only eight of us in the class and if he hasn't by now maybe it's not worth the effort.

When he finished, he realised that everyone was sitting in alphabetical order.

AND THEN, there was a spare seat because one girl was late. And it was in the right spot in the alphabet.

Fricking spooky, dude.


  1. Wow.

    That's weird.

    Maybe it has some kind of deep meaning.

  2. Freaky, yes, that your teacher can't remember 8 names...oh, you mean the girl in the right chair part. Yep, that's freaky too.

  3. Man. That is weird. Wow.

  4. Not surprising at all really.

    This is a class of English Lit nerds - right?

    they know all about the Eng Lang, including, I suspect, the alphabet.

    In fact, they are so obsessive about English that they have automatically seated themselves in alpha order.

    A bit sad really.

    But if it had been a class of maths geeks, they would have seated themselves according to how many letters in each person's name.

    If it had been a clutch of accountants they would have seated themselves according to the relative riches (or otherwise) of the student - or perhaps of their parents.

    And that would be even sadder!


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