Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cos I can

Home for the day, meaning lots of internet (and lots of pointless posts like this one) and downloady goodness.

Here're the songs I've downloaded today:

Veronica Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney

Light Surrounding You Evermore

1812 Overture Tchaikovsky

Superman Lazlo Bane

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom Everclear

How to Save a Life The Fray

Keep Holding On Avril Levigne

Never Let You Go INXS

What are you all listening to at the moment? TAGGED!!!

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want

Goals for this semester include:

the aforementioned good grades - I need two D's this year to be able to do Honours so even though I'm not even sure what I'll be doing next year, I'd rather have the option, and I'd rather have it taken care of early.

get to know people / have a social life - basically, this suffered last year as I was pretty committed to the whole study thing. I'm not really sorry about that but I need a balance now.

some kind of fitness - I'm thinking running everyday but it would nice if I could find some kind of bball team as I'm much better about showing up for training than forcing myself out for a run

work - still unsure about whether I'll get a job this semester/year. Doubtful that I can get a job in a publishing house in Adelaide so it might have to be something in retail (woohoo). Also need to find a job for next year which means career fairs, making helpful connections with people who know people, etc.

Hallie converge on Darwin

So a bunch of Hallies are here in Darwin. Some of us cos we live here and some boys who (for reasons I've yet to grasp) decided to come up here for the holidays.

Basically we agree:
Home is good, what with the free food and the cars and the petrol money and the money that comes from work (not the work so much) or just appears.
We're ready to go back.

Mostly I think it's because we're all looking forward to O-Week which I missed out on last year, coming as I did in the middle of the year. It's a big to-do revolving around alcohol, O-Group Leaders (not me) and freshers moving in. Also this semester: basketball, SAUCC Ball, the need to get two D's in English so I can slack off next semester.

Things to post about

I'm having limited internet time lately what with the housesitting and all. Although I'm not housesitting anymore, but I'll be staying there with the pool and the car and the short-distance-to-work-hence-a-sleep-in until I go back to uni.

I keep thinking of all these things to post about but then I go as blank as the New Post screen when I actually sit down to write something.

So I will just say:
Scrubs - awesome show. V for Vendetta - awesome movie. And will never be able to disagree with Carla ever again since I've had to admit she is awesome too.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What's up?

I am no good at this if I'm not out of state where I have the excuse of blabbing about minute details of 'a student living away from home'.


I am house-sitting. There is a dog and a pool and a car. The car and the pool are cool, the dog not so much. Not that I don't like dogs or anything, just that I'm slack enough about regular meals for myself, which basically makes me a terrible pet owner.

And on second thought, the pool is not so good either. It is enticing what with the water and the pool toys and the lazing around doing nothing, but then the sun grabs you up and roasts you over an open flame, until you stomach is approximately this colour. I am not even kidding. And you almost die of the pain of sitting down cos you stomach has rolls which don't like being rolled.

Third. I got my hair cut. And I dyed it. But not really. You probably can't really tell. It just has a bit of blonde/light brown highlights which I kinda have naturally but this just brings it out a bit more. But since my hair is incredibly long right now, I let her cut off a bit more than usual, which means it looks awesome and healthy and still soooo daaamn looong.

Annd Eri is coming to visit. Darwin, not me. Although I'll be here. Hopefully she won't go to Kakadu so we can all go to Litchfield instead.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007: The Year That Will Be

February 15th Arrive in Adelaide

February 18th Contract at Uni Hall starts

February 26th - April 8th Semester One (part one)

April 9th - 20th Mid-Semester Break

April 21st - June 15th Semester One (part two)

June 16th - 30th Exams

July 2nd - 22nd Mid-Year Break (snow holiday anyone?)

July 23rd - September 16th Semester Two (part one)

September 17th - 28th Mid-Semester Break

September 29th - November 14th Semester Two (part two)

November 17th - 28th Exams

Novemeber 24th Uni Hall Contract Ends (I imagine that will be very conducive to study. Thanks Uni Hall.)


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Permission Granted

Classes every single day. Including Mondays and Fridays - who does that?

Nothing before midday two days, eleven on four days, and never anything before ten am. Too bad I'll still have to get up for breakfast/lunch bar.

Oh by the way,
CUTU2101 = Museums and Exhibitions

ENGL2111 = Adaptations: Reading Texts and Film

ENGL2600 = Publishing and Editing

HIST2052 = The British Diaspora Since 1600

Monday, January 08, 2007

And sometimes we just prove the stereotype

Celebrity Heads.

Established: female secondary character in a cartoon movie that we have the dvd of.

"Is it set in the Caribbean?" [Note: Pirates of the Caribbean is not animated, but anyway.]
"Is it set in Africa?"
"Is it set in America?"
"It's set in a 'merica."
"Is it set in South America?"

"Is it set in Hawaii?"

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Eternal Quest For Music

We're cruising around at Target (more because I got a end-of-year bonus from work, in the form of a Target gift voucher, than any need to actually drive 20 minutes to buy something I could have got from Cas) when we land in the electronics section. Now, as we were travelling with Skywalker, that's a given, so don't be suprised that we came out with purchases.

Isn't it pretty? Obviously, not an ipod, but I'm kinda glad I escaped the Apple Plan To Take Over The World Through Peoples Ears.


it's a 6GB
it was on sale
it was reduced even more cos it was the last one


it didn't come with headphones or case


they gave us an extra (extra extra?) discount


instead of a $300 4GB ipod nano
I got a $120 6BG Zen Neeon.

And then when I got home and tried to load the software, my computer (which had shat itself but miraculously fixed its CD drive in time for House Season 2 and Grey's Season One) decided to NOT READ CDS. Stupid ass.

But it fixed itself again and I'm sync-ing all my songs to my new mp3 player as I type.
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