Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007: The Year That Will Be

February 15th Arrive in Adelaide

February 18th Contract at Uni Hall starts

February 26th - April 8th Semester One (part one)

April 9th - 20th Mid-Semester Break

April 21st - June 15th Semester One (part two)

June 16th - 30th Exams

July 2nd - 22nd Mid-Year Break (snow holiday anyone?)

July 23rd - September 16th Semester Two (part one)

September 17th - 28th Mid-Semester Break

September 29th - November 14th Semester Two (part two)

November 17th - 28th Exams

Novemeber 24th Uni Hall Contract Ends (I imagine that will be very conducive to study. Thanks Uni Hall.)


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