Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Eternal Quest For Music

We're cruising around at Target (more because I got a end-of-year bonus from work, in the form of a Target gift voucher, than any need to actually drive 20 minutes to buy something I could have got from Cas) when we land in the electronics section. Now, as we were travelling with Skywalker, that's a given, so don't be suprised that we came out with purchases.

Isn't it pretty? Obviously, not an ipod, but I'm kinda glad I escaped the Apple Plan To Take Over The World Through Peoples Ears.


it's a 6GB
it was on sale
it was reduced even more cos it was the last one


it didn't come with headphones or case


they gave us an extra (extra extra?) discount


instead of a $300 4GB ipod nano
I got a $120 6BG Zen Neeon.

And then when I got home and tried to load the software, my computer (which had shat itself but miraculously fixed its CD drive in time for House Season 2 and Grey's Season One) decided to NOT READ CDS. Stupid ass.

But it fixed itself again and I'm sync-ing all my songs to my new mp3 player as I type.

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