Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ok, so sometimes an Arts student wants to be a smart person

aka How Much Does House Get Paid?

So. If House and the three Cottages each take a seventeen per cent pay cut, House shouldn't have to fire one of the Cottages. Right? So, assuming all the Cottages get paid the same, the equation should look like this:

(H - 17H) + (3C - 17 x 3C) = H + 3C
100 100

100h - 17h + 300c - 51c = h + 2c
100 100

83h + 249c = h + 2c

83h + 249c = 100h + 200c

49c = 17h

h = 2.88c

So House gets paid 2.88 times as much as each Cottage.

Does anyone think this is even remotely right? Considering I haven't done any math more complicated than 1500 take 500 leaves... shit, too many. Keep typing for about five years now. If (as I assume) it's not right, what is the right equation/answer? C'mon smart people.


  1. Carlabalala9:58 pm

    Um... huh?!? No arts student wants to do maths! That why we do arts - we make problems more complicated by using words not numbers! Embrace the lack of mathmatical knowledge. I have, and I'm happier for it.

    Besides, that's what H & R Blockhead are for. Ask them to solve the riddle. Go on. I dare ya...

  2. Oh my god. I am so freaking awesome. Look at this. And I quote (for those too lazy to click) "House makes around 2.88 times what each of the assistants make." Dude. I am so brilliant, and so impressed.

  3. i had to stop reading that after the first sentence.
    because, you know, there were numbers instead of words.

    i hate numbers and adhere to a strict policy of never looking at them ever unless i absolutely have to.

    i'll be back when you post a normal blog entry.
    you know, one made of words.
    like god intended.

  4. Is soposed to be like mat or something?


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