Monday, December 25, 2006

Vodka and Coolers

We're about to watch The Office which The Witch seems to think is inappropriate for Skywalker. LMC and I are all "It's fine" and "Chill out" and "He won't understand it anyway." Then we were all "Just say 'What' and 'I don't get it' and 'What's everybody laughing about?'"

The Witch: Skywalker!
Skywalker: What?
The Witch: Come up here to the table thanks.
Skywalker: I don't get it.
Me and LMC: [Pissing ourselves laughing.]
Skywalker: Why is everybody laughing?


The Witch decides we all want to watch Zathura but as she and her sister are trashed on one and a half wine coolers, has to get LMC to check how long it goes for.

LMC [trashed on several vodka-lemon-limes]: Look on the back stupid. Right there... Wait, where does it tell you? Oh there. It goes for... one hour eighty five minutes.


Incidentally, I'm thinking me and LMC should have started this Vodka and Christmas thing several years ago (and, as she pointed out, several hours earlier). Christmas is fun y'all.

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