Sunday, December 03, 2006


Things about scooters:

They are fun to ride.

They are I can do 62kms/hr. Max. Downhill. I am always doing between 55 and 60 ks.

Car drivers are impatient. And rude. And they frequently make me fear for my life. (If all I can see is your headlights in my mirrors, you're too close.)

I will move over into a bike lane sometimes. I get to choose when, you don't.

If the speed limit is 60 or below, I won't.
If there are two or more lanes, I won't.
If I'm in danger of falling off the bike lane into the mangroves, I won't.
Deal with it.

And if I get pulled over for going too slow on McMillans road, I will not be happy. Do not expect me to be. And registration sticker should be the first thing you check. Just a tip.


  1. i feel your pain.

    i swear, every driver in michigan--other than me--is a complete asshole.

    it's a wonder i haven't been killed yet, really.

  2. I think driver assholery is a worldwide phenomenon, and it's magnified when cars are in close proximity to scooters, bikes, or smaller cars.

    Present company excluded.

  3. update: some old guy got knocked off his scooter and broke his leg cos of some dumbass fourwheeldrive driver.


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