Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So I was rhapsodising about how soon I would be home and how much I was looking forward to it and I may have gone on about it just a wee bit too long, as one of my friends all of a sudden is like,

"Dude, don't you like it here?"

OF COURSE I like it here.
God, that is so not the point.
I like it here. However, I like certain parts of life at home that I'm just not getting down here.

* I miss my scooter. I miss riding it (her) and I miss being able to go places. RIGHT NOW.

* I miss my shower. I miss having kickarse water pressure and not having this affected if the whole Hall decides to take a shower at the same time as me.

* I miss the weather. Or rather lack thereof. I do not like having to check the weather site every freaking day. It's kinda funny how happy I can get when I see "Fine and Sunny. 27" scrolling across the bottom of the TV.

* I miss basketball. I am such a lazy shit down here. I walk up a bajillion stairs a day, so it's not like you won't be able recognize me due to all the fat I've acquired, but I really miss training. I could do without the hills also. But I do like the views.

* I miss my internet. Even though it's only dialup (we're gonna get broadband, aren't we dad?) I am so looking forward to having unlimited download. Like right now, I have 60 somethings (megabytes?) left. This is not gonna last me, but I'm gonna drag it out as long as I can and waste all of the library's download in the process.

* I miss the food. They cook us all kinds of nice fancy shit (and just shit) but I occasionally have a craving for a hamburger. Or a sausage in bread. Some crap y'know, but that doesn't taste like crap. And I'm kinda over ham and salad rolls for lunch every freaking day.

Ok, this is not a whiny post. If you read it in a whiny tone of voice, you're just going to have to go back and read it again. I really do like it here. But whatever else you think about it, Darwin has some kickarse qualities that I am soooo looking forward to.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Poster Post

There's a poster sale going on at Flinders at the moment, and since I've had people tell me I should do something with my walls, and even people decorating my door cos it was too boring, I thought I should buy some.

This is not actually a poster, but they're postcards you can just take from campus, so I have about fifteen of them brightening up my wall:
This isn't actually the right one, but it's close. Mine is a blue Ninja ZX-9R:
This isn't the right one either. Mine is just the Genie and the lamp:
These two are the actual ones I got. Don't give me crap about my television choices:
Don't tell me you don't love Aragorn:
And there you have it. My room, all nicely prettied up, just in time for me to take them all down so I can pack to COME HOME!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

What's the time, Mr Wolf?

Hell if I know.

They have this crazy idea here that everyone should change the time around, and see what fun ensues when nobody knows when they're supposed to be. It's all very confusing.

And they had to do it the day before I have a major test in class. At a specific time. At a time at which they expect me to be there. I feel this will be hard for me to do if I don't know what the time is.

In case y'all haven't figured it out, I'm babbling about Daylight Savings.

I much prefer living in Darwin where we have plenty of water and daylight, and so don't have to be put on these twelve-step programs in order to conserve what we have left. Cos down here? I'm confused.

And late for class. Gotta go!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

100th Post

So I was going to try and make the Hall Ball one the 100th post, but I think that it's actually better that this is it.

Me and five others were asked to stay after our English tut yesterday. And everyone's stressing, cos we were also getting our (3000 word) essays back that day. But, as I am very observant, I was able to let Sarah and Emma know that if they had a look at who'd been asked, it was all the smart people.

And of course, I was right (cos I am one of the smart people).

Lisa thinks that we're smart enough to be doing Honours English.
That's right, I'm smart.

Dude. Honours.

(Ok, so technically we're in first year, and like half the class was told this, so there's a really really slim chance that any of us would remember and still be smart enough in three years, but it's still kinda cool, right?)

Hall Ball

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Shout Outs

I will get to the mandatory Hall Ball post a bit later on, but first I would like a shout out to:

Kayleigh, Social Sec and Hall princess, who managed to make Hall Ball brilliant and also be incredibly nice and friendly to everyone in the Hall.
Heidi, a most excellent Senior Tutor, who gives good advice and sympathy, even at three in the morning.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hey Y'all, Guess WHAT?!

It's Hall Ball tonight.

Ahahahaha, betcha wouldn't've guessed that!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ring-ring, Ring-ri--

We here at the Hall live in rooms roughly the size of those boxes that refrigerators come in. You do not have enough room to swing a cat - although can at FMC, right Cindy? You can roll out of bed and onto the desk.

Therefore, there is no reason why we cannot answer the phone within two and a rings. EVER. Except if we want to annoy our neighbours.

If we do not answer the phone within this time period, hang the hell up. We're not home. Otherwise, our neighbours will stab a pair of scissors through the wall of the box, and into your ear.

* If this post was slow appearing on your screen, it's cos I'm typing one-handed. With my left hand. What kind of idiot can burn her hand on a hair straightener? This kind, that's who.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stupid Fashion Houses

Apparently greeny-bluey-aqua is not a trendy colour at the moment.
This time of the 'season' was not a good time to get my heart set on matching greeny-bluey-aqua jewellery, bag, and SHOES.

I have this top which is the perfect shade of greeny-bluey-aqua. Unfortunately, I got it about a year ago, no doubt when greeny-bluey-aqua was very trendy indeed (or had been the year before and I was just catching up).

At any rate, what I should have done then was think "I'm going to be going to Hall Ball in about a year. I'll need the perfect pair of greeny-bluey-aqua shoes to go with the dress I'm going to buy for my 21st. I really should start looking RIGHT NOW."

But I didn't. And so I am stuck with black, white, red, or blue shoes in every single shop. That's Marion AND Harbourtown.

We shouldn't be such slaves to fashion, people. Stock something unusual. Like some greeny-bluey-aqua strappy, high-heeled, stilettoish COMFORTABLE wedges. Ok? And before Saturday. I'd appreciate it.

Some Cartoons For Y'All

For vsquared:

When Batman goes drinking:

My theory on a university education:

My theory of the whole world:

For all of you out there in blogland, but especially skywalker.

Stolen from Jen.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Formal Dinner, Hall Ball, and other excitement

Formal Dinner was heaps fun, as you may have gathered from the photos. We all ended up at Shennanigans afterwards where they had a decent band (maybe even nine and a half in fours beers' time) and I scored a glowstick and a flower so it was a most excellent night.

However it just proves my theory on going out, which has been, right from the start of semester, do not go out every week or you'll get into the habit. I limited myself to the big Hall events, but then look what happened. We have basically a whole week of going-out-ed-ness all because I didn't listen to my own theory.
And will continue to not listen to it, as next weekend is HALL BALL and there's no way I'm not going all out for that.

Even though I have history tests on Monday and Tuesday following Hall Ball. How ridiculous.

I've decided to spare my feet the agony of repeating the Pub Crawl experience of hot-but-painful heels and buy some new shoes for the occasion. I announced this before my history lecture so basically I ended up with this random guy as shoe-shopping partner. But he's giving me a ride to Marion so I don't have to catch the bus, so it's really all good.

Still on Hall Ball...
Originally I was on a table with Jess, Anisa, and Halleh, and then Amy and Co were added, as was Eri who was already on the Asian table. Eri then somehow gets crossed off our list and left on the Asian table, and Anisa and Halleh end up on a different table, leaving me alone with Amy and Co. Now call me a bitch, cos I know I am, but I moved myself to sit with Anisa and Halleh (Jess is at HC table I think). God I'm a bitch.

Fifteen dollars richer though, as I did another one of those psych things today. The guy came up to ask us if we wanted to just after I'd finished telling Emma and Sarah about my previous experience. How freaky is that? It was basically the same but a different video and I AM NOW FIFTEEN DOLLARS RICHER! Which is like, a quarter of a pair of shoes. This is a sign.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Formal Dinner

Formal Dinner: Superstition, Myth, and Mayhem.
Pretty girls:
And scary guys:
People got awards:
And speeches were interrupted:

My fellow Black Cats:

Aren't we all just beautiful.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Like you really give a crap

But I'm going to tell you anyway.

Formal Dinner is tonight.
I'm still going with the Black Cat plan.

Hall Ball is next weekend. That's really really soon.
I have my ticket.
I have a table.
I have decided on a dress.
I may buy new shoes.

I did this psych study thing today.
I earned $15 from it.

I went out on Wednesday night.
This was my first trip to "Students' Night" at Shennanigans.
This makes four partyingish days in the past week. (Those being Pub Crawl, Glenelg on Sunday, Shennanigans, and Formal Dinner.)

I handed in my history essay today.
This leaves me with one history essay to do by Monday.

You heard it here first

How freaking brilliant am I?! Seriously, I am just oh my god, drowning in my own brilliance here. Jeez, it's amazing.

Ok, there's a new little box over there where you can type random comments and hellos to let me know you're still alive.
Which is cool.

But most of all, where there were two, now there are three. Columns I mean. Yes, they're multiplying. At great expense to my brain cells I might add.

But now that it's done, I just know that I am so. freaking. brilliant.

That's right.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Ohmygod this dude is driving me insane. Oh my god! He is sososososo annoying and he is in two of my tuts (on purpose to torture me I am sure). The only good thing is that Lisa-the-smart-english-tutor hates him as well. Which is very smart of her.

History tut on the other hand... grrrrr!!!! This is the one I just got out of. The tutor is in love with him. "So Alex, what do you think of this? What's your opinion on this? Your opinion is the only one that counts, as you're clearly an authority on all things in the world. Even the ones you know nothing about." He mumbles. To her. If he was saying something that contributed intelligently to the class discussion, I wouldn't mind. (Actually, I would as just the sound of his voice mumble drives me crazy but anyway.) But no. He has this cosy private conversation mumble with the tutor who's lapping it up cos she loves him. Meanwhile I am rolling my eyes so far into the back of head, and the five other smart people in the class are all exchanging agonised glances with me and each other because seriously, will this torture never end?!

Actually, I knew that it would it end, as I was - for the first time at Flinders - constructing a chart that looked something like this:

5 10 15 20 25 30 35
40 45 46 47 48 49 50

and changed to this:

5 10 15 20 25 30 35
40 45 46 47 48 49 50

and finally to this:

5 10 15 20 25 30 35
40 45 46 47 48 49 (((50)))

So I knew in theory that the class would end. Which was somewhat comforting.

But oh dear god we're just going to have to do it all over again next week and omg he's yet to present in english so that will be twenty unbearable minutes of mumbling. Lisa will totally understand if I skip a class. Cos I know she's planning to pull a sickie that day too.


11 Books

I have been tagged by Jen in Omaha. What is it with people sending me ways not to have bad luck this week? The invite to our Friday the 13th Formal Dinner came in something similar except I didn't get the chance to write all about books. I just have to dress up. So really, I'm winning all over.

11 Books:

Interesting question. Maybe the first book I ever read, or had read to me, but I don't know what that was. Maybe the Lonely Planet guide that helped me see far far away. Maybe the history thing I read that made me realise history doesn't have to be boring, or the poetry that made me realise you could have a strong voice that way. Or maybe any book that made me use my imagination, inhabit other worlds and times, or let me learn, escape, or chill out.

How about a book I haven't read more than once. I read almost everything more than once.

A really really long one. How about a series? Can I do that? Or something that tells me how to make a raft and or a tropical cocktail or something. A useful type of book.

I was reading Twelve Sharp on my bed and Skywalker was on my laptop complaining that I was laughing randomly and either interrupting his thought processes or doing a good job of feigning madness. Jennifer Crusie makes me laugh too.

I don't really cry at books or movies that easily buuut Jane Eyre, when she doesn't want to leave, but knows she has to and she stays strong against Rochester.

Something very very lucrative. Or maybe The Tomorrow Series cos I think that is the best Australian series written in like ever.

Well I immediately thought of Animal Farm which I hate-hate-hated reading in Year 10. But then I felt bad, cos I really don't think you should be able to stop anyone writing what they think and feel. How bad would that be? Forcing me to read it by threatening my straight-A english average... now that's another matter entirely.

Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Dead and The Idea of Perfection for school. And I just got some random books from the library: Rhymes With Witches, Force Majeure Bad Boy, and a Chris Ryan that I thought was a new Alpha Force at first, but is really just a book: Flash Flood.

The latest Artemis Fowl and The End of A Series of Unfortunate Events. And the last Harry Potter. Dammit woman, hurry up! Ok just noticed I look like an eight year old (with very good tast in books!)

The Lord of the Rings, something by Jane Austen, and lots of trashy/juvenile novels that I can read when I don't want to have to expend any brain power whatsoever.

Saturday Night At The Dinsaur Stomp and We're Going On A Bear Hunt and My Dad.

I'm supposed to tag three people, but as I barely know three people this could be interesting. Ok Carla and vsquared aaaand KimmyK. Y'all can consider yourselves tagged. Take that!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Ok, I know I want to say some things, but I'm not sure what I want to say, or how to say it. This should be fun.

Hall Ball:
As you know, Hall Ball is on on the 21st of October. (You didn't know the date? Well now you do.)
Tickets go on sale tomorrow. (There has been a big to-do on WebCT about the price and whether it's worth it or not. My comment: "A dress" "Shoes" "Unlimited alcohol" - I'm there!) Despite the fact that no-one yet has tickets, a table sign-up sheet went up today. By the end of first dinner session, all tables were full. (There was a list started of people who weren't lucky enough to make it onto a table.) Apparently they've (HC) only planned for 150 people. That seems very very misunderestimated to me but we'll see. I'm predicting a riot before dinner tomorrow when tickets do go on sale.

My door:
My door has a sticker of The Jungle Book on it. So does everyone else's door that is in our Area. We are the Jungle Book area.
Unlike almost everyone else in the Hall, my door does not have my name on it. They all have these printed slips that tell you their names - which presumably were put on at the start of the year so everyone could find their rooms without having to understand the room numbering system or being able to count.
Moreover, no-one had come to my room. Actually this is a lie, but no-one who would be likely to drop in at any moment of the day or night had been to my room. I like it this way.

Unfortunately, in my attempts to find friends (don't worry, I'm over it now) I embarked on a quest which traversed (is that even a word?) many of the corridors of the Hall, including the one with my door in it, and I was stupid enough to say, "Hey there's my door," as we went past it. I was also stupid enough to agree to go out on a Sunday at an indeterminate time, which involved someone coming to my room when said indeterminate time arrived.

And so it happened that someone with the best of intentions put pretty things on my door, came and stood outside my door to show said pretty things to someone else, and that all these aforementioned people can now find their way to my room at any time, guided there by the lack of anonymity on the door. On the door that leads to my room. MY door to MY room. With me?

Am I being a whiny bitch? Yes I am. See? This is why these people should have run away at the first sign of friend-making, not been the ones to encourage it. I'm a whiny bitch.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Go Fold your Twenty-dollar Bills!

Apparantly this has been doing the rounds. It's veeery freaky. Go check it out at Unseal My Lips.

The haps at the Hall

Went out last night. Yes, a Sunday. Apparantly people do that when they don't have to get up the next morning to go to work. It was fun, but reminded me of the reason why I decided to not get in the habit of going out. One night of Pub Crawl and I can't last two days without the next going-out-ness.

This Friday is Formal Dinner.
1. It naturally has a theme, as it wouldn't be Hall event without one. Superstition, Myth and Mayhem. Would it be really slack if I just modified my "Black Jungle Cat" from the jungle-themed Area Dinner to "Unlucky Black Cat" for Formal Dinner.
2. They require you to sign up for it. However, Formal Dinner is at 6:30 on Friday. This is when I normally go to dinner anyway. I'm a little confused here.
3. Do not confuse Formal Dinner with...

Hall Ball
Hall Ball is on in a couple of weeks. It's all a big to-do revolving around a dress, shoes, and unlimited alcohol. Personally, I can't wait. My feet are shaking at the thought of another night in three-inch stilletto heels though.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

House + Music

House is dramatically playing the table to this song:

powered by ODEO

Vogler comes in and turns it off just as House is really getting into it. "You ruined it."
After an antagonistic conversation, House dismisses him and presses play:

powered by ODEO *

House scrambles to turn it off.

"That wasn't nearly as dramatic as I was hoping."

*Ok, it's quite possible that that second one won't work. Too bad. Just imagine it. It's a rousing Jewish song.

Since I am drunk on my own (newly-discovered) power to add random things to my posts so I don't actually have to think of anything to type, here is the actual clip of what I was talking about:

More cool things you learn...

Ok, this is the right thing now. (I hope.)

Paste this into the address bar and take out the spaces around the < and hit enter:

javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i < DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5;DIS.top=Math.cos(R*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5}R++}setInterval('A()',5); void(0);

Cool hey!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Captain Paro aka Pub Crawl Part Two


"By your beverages combined, I am Captain Paro!"

Captain Paro, he's our hero
Gonna take inhibitions down to zero
He's our power magnified
And he's fighting on the boozer's side

Captain Paro, he's our hero
Gonna take inhibitions down to zero
Gonna help him put asunder
Bad guys who like to drink and chunder

"You'll pay for this Greasy Yiros!"

We're the Drunketeers
You can be one too
Cos wrecking our livers is the thing to do
Boozing and spewing is the way
Hear what Captain Paro has to say:

"The power is yours!"

powered by ODEO

Pub Crawl

5 - 6pm: PJ O'Brien's
6 - 7pm: The Elephant
7 - 8pm: The Austral

Those we didn't go to, as we're not hard-core drunks. We got the 7:30ish bus (after a few false tries when other buses went past) and scared all the other passengers. There were a lot of us, and some of us were already pretty wasted, so it was very loud and entertaining. So we arrived in the city at about five to eight, just in time for...

8 - 9pm: The Richmond

Kind of a classy sports bar? Maybe. There were a few late-after-work-type drinkers. No dancing. We all just stood around chatting, which was nice, and watching baseball if we so chose. Do not follow Smirnoff Twist Arctic Berry flavour with the Lime one. Actually, I'm pretty over the lime one at all. If you're walking up an escalator, make sure you walk very loudly.

9 - 10pm: The Woolshed

Cowboy-themed bar. I think there was a downstairs dancefloor but it was closed. They have one of those mechanical bull things, which was fun at KSA and even better after some alcohol. We met Ben-in-the-yellow-shirt and I introduced him to Andy. We did a lot of saving each other from drunk randoms which was entertaining at first but got a bit old. "Bianca" had a lot of fun there.

10-11pm: Worldsend

I'm thinking they missed an apostrophe or space or something in there but whatever. Almost lost my map and $5 as my bag-that-every-one-loves-cos-it's-so-cute decided to donate to the footpath on the way there, but luckily we saved the money from the ground, and then from Bianca.
Worldsend was pretty boring. There were pool tables. We took pics with Pete and Carlos so they could at least say they got to hug a girl that night. They had a back room/restaurant thing (which unfortunately wouldn't give us any food) - which had some very weird and very pretty art on the walls - so we went and had a sit there for a while to save our feet for dancing at...

11 - 12: Colonel Light
We ended up here at the end of the New Res/Old Res pub night and Boat Races was held here also. They had a band and decent dancefloor and $1 Illusion shots. What more could you want?

Convenience Store, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, The Pigs, PJ O'Brien's
It's a long walk ok?
Stopped at a convenience store for a toothbrush and butter mentols (not for me) and while we were there I decided to get a lollipop. We'd got heaps behind everyone else, but when we came out, they'd done a u-turn and were coming back to McDonalds which was right across the street, so slow-and-steady did not have to walk as far. Ate lots of fries (not mine) and sucked on my lollipops (mine). The toilet was closed (how ridiculous) so we sat there while we waited for our revered ST to go find one to "pee pee, pee pee pee" in. Managed to make it all the way to Hungry Jacks for another pit stop to get us the rest of the way. Saw some Lincoln people. At this stage we were headed for Mansions but when we got half-way down the Mall, we got a call that it was closed (again, how ridiculous). So we sat on the pigs to try and decide on a place to go. Eventually decided on PJ O'Brien's which was the one we'd missed right at the start. So we start walking - again - even though my shoes were completely killing me. In theory, I know it's dumb wearing heels. Ok? I do, really. And this belief is re-affirmed any time I wear them anywhere. But they're pretty. Although they do get stuck in cracks in the paving. Anyway, eventually got to PJ's. Very crowded. There was a band, with decent music. But the dancefloor was about one meter by three, right in the middle of a walkway. Who designs these places? Honestly. So we called it a night, and got a taxi back to the Hall.

Common Room, The Village, Bed
Hung out in the Common Room for a while, since I wasn't really tired. My feet were, and didn't like the thought of stairs, so we just sat. Got my willing slave to get me chips and water. Ignored the stupid infomercials. Called lots of people from other people's phones. Listened to what I'm sure was high drama involving "L to the G" which "T" had a hand in, and it was all going to end in tears (this is in real life, not on the informercials). Went for a walk to the Village to wake up Frodo but he was asleep. Finally, decided I was tired and began the long long trek up to room, and thence to bed.

The end.
Hope you enjoyed the show.

Oh, and I'd like to thank the Sober Mentors for the evening: Justin, Sam, Pete, Cindy, Adam, and Carlie.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

These tutors are going to drive me insane

Oh my god, they're driving me up the freaking wall.

"If you need any help on your essays, any at all, just email me."
"We-ell, if you send me your essay, I'll have a look at it."
I'd appreciate it.
"But I'm not going through your whole essay and commenting on it."
What the?!
"I don't think it's fair if I do some and not others."
Ok, see this is just plan stupid. People who go out of their way to do a draft essay, and get it in to you, with the intention of following your advice and making it a better essay before they hand it in deserve all the advantages you can give them. These are the only one's you're going to have to read. Everyone else is leaving it to the night before and will rexieve a corresponding grade.
Now, if they say, "There's just too many and I'm too lazy to read all your essays twice," at least they're being honest. This is fine. Just don't try to play the equal opportunity card. You'll just look like an idiot.

Referencing. Honestly. How about a bit of consistency here guys?
Author, A, Title (Place of Publication: Publisher, Date) p Page No
Personally, I like writing An Author. But I've seen A Author and Author, A.
I've seen the brackets left out.
I've seen random commas and semicolons entered all over the place.
I like writing pg and pgs but have succumbed to p and pp.
No-one likes in-text referencing anymore, it's all about the footnotes. This is fine. Except when you're only discussing one text and adding page numbers in-text would have been a hell of a lot easier than footnoting every. freaking. time.
What's the go with needing line numbers for poems. It's not it's a freaking epic-poem-saga-thing. It's practically a dirty limerick. If you can't find where in the poem a line comes from, you've been reading too many essays. I don't want you marking mine when you're in that state.
"Well, this is how I like to do it. But as long as all the information's there, it doesn't really matter." Wtf? "It doesn't really matter." The fate of the free world and the search for a cure for cancer come waaaay below the importance of a comma in the right place. This is what I know. It's just very hard when the brochure from Student Services and the information on Flinders Library are telling you two different 'right places'.

And finally, Wikipedia. Personally, I think Wikipedia is great. I use it a lot, especially for background info when I'm just starting an essay, and looking up the names of characters in Alias or whatever. I have a feeling that tutors like it too. They're just not allowed to. We are very scathing about Wikipedia and would never ever list it as a source in an essay. (We're not even allowed to reference other 'reputable' encyclopedias.) It's a little hard to reconcile this with tutors passing around print-outs of Wikipedia sites so we can read all about monetarism in class.

Oh, one more. This one tutor is soooo superior and condescing to us poor young undergrads. Remember Maggie Thatcher? That was her also. And apparantly, we couldn't imagine working a 16 hour day "these days." Lady, what world are you living in. How about single mums who go to uni for six or more hours, then off to work for the evening/night shift? What about these young business-type workaholic people? (Granted, they're well paid for it, but if you watched House you'd know where all that can lead.) Keep your generalisations to yourself.
On a side note, today's history tut was the most interesting one so far. We talk about the American pay and tipping system, wherein I could provide lots of anecdotes and was asked lots of questions as the resident expert on tipping lol.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another New Template

See how much time I can devote to this kind of stuff when I have essays due? My capacity for non-essay occupation is astounding. Well I think so anyway.

I realise some of you might not be too thrilled with the girly background colour. But seriously, it looks better than anything else I tried. Yes I did try others. So there. But I think I need to add another colour into my colour scheme of Aqua(dark and light) and Purply-maroon. So what do you think I should add? And where? I'm thinking the titles of the sections in the sidebar. But that's just me. It's not like... oh wait. Never mind.

Off to do essays. I promise.

Oh and if you want to see what it used to look like - for old times' sake lol - I think clicking into older posts does it. Otherwise, I have no idea and what are you wasting my time for anyhow? I have essays to write.

Actually they're written. And I even invented a whole new referencing system. But my tutor wasn't as sure that it was going to catch on, and wants to go with Harvard for now or some such nonsense.

Essays. Right. Going.

And then it hit me...

I wondered why I almost falling asleep in the lecture.

(No, not cos it was boring. No, not cos the lights were off. No, not cos I'm just lazy. Ok, maybe.)

And then I realised: we don't have the cookies at Flinders.

For those of you going, What cookies? I'm talking about The Cookies. C'mon. These cookies:

Monday, October 02, 2006

We have ducklings!

Thanks to Fiona who posted these pics on WebCT.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Daddy, I'm hungry

Well. Looks like my bragging of not starving this (long) weekend were a bit hastily presumptuous.

See, I presumed that when I bought a box of six sausage rolls* and ate one, that five would be there when I next decided to eat a sausage roll. Silly me.

Clean Kitchen Competition Rule #5: Fridge not overcrowded. Food cleaned out regularly.

I think some people took this a little too seriously.

I had thought that having a mini-fridge in my own room, while fun, was a bit unnecessary, when my food could live in happiness in the area kitchen. Clearly someone heard my food crying to get of the scary cold place and decided to help it out.

Now I really am going to starve tomorrow.

Bring on Tuesday breakfast!

*No need to praise my marvellous cooking skills here.

Three days is two too many*

"You have - one - new message.
'Hi everyone. Just to remind you all that tomorrow - Monday - is Labour Day, a public holiday, and there will be no food service on that day.'
Press - one - to reach through the phone and strangle the woman or - two - to slam the phone down so hard it cracks."

What happened to my fifteen meals a week? Am I expected to eat six meals a day on Tuesday to make up for this? Let me tell you, my stomach does not work that way.

Do they want me to starve?!

*Just kidding, really. Contrary to popular belief, I can cook, and probably won't starve. You can go ages without food. Thank god the Hall has a water bubbler. And vending machines. ;)
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