Sunday, October 01, 2006

Daddy, I'm hungry

Well. Looks like my bragging of not starving this (long) weekend were a bit hastily presumptuous.

See, I presumed that when I bought a box of six sausage rolls* and ate one, that five would be there when I next decided to eat a sausage roll. Silly me.

Clean Kitchen Competition Rule #5: Fridge not overcrowded. Food cleaned out regularly.

I think some people took this a little too seriously.

I had thought that having a mini-fridge in my own room, while fun, was a bit unnecessary, when my food could live in happiness in the area kitchen. Clearly someone heard my food crying to get of the scary cold place and decided to help it out.

Now I really am going to starve tomorrow.

Bring on Tuesday breakfast!

*No need to praise my marvellous cooking skills here.

1 comment:

  1. carlabalala1:21 am

    they ate your food? the cheeky buggers! have you tried putting your name and a bicycle chain with a padlock around the food to prevent thieves from stealing it? a little irrational, i know, but no-one ever questions what works...


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