Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Formal Dinner, Hall Ball, and other excitement

Formal Dinner was heaps fun, as you may have gathered from the photos. We all ended up at Shennanigans afterwards where they had a decent band (maybe even nine and a half in fours beers' time) and I scored a glowstick and a flower so it was a most excellent night.

However it just proves my theory on going out, which has been, right from the start of semester, do not go out every week or you'll get into the habit. I limited myself to the big Hall events, but then look what happened. We have basically a whole week of going-out-ed-ness all because I didn't listen to my own theory.
And will continue to not listen to it, as next weekend is HALL BALL and there's no way I'm not going all out for that.

Even though I have history tests on Monday and Tuesday following Hall Ball. How ridiculous.

I've decided to spare my feet the agony of repeating the Pub Crawl experience of hot-but-painful heels and buy some new shoes for the occasion. I announced this before my history lecture so basically I ended up with this random guy as shoe-shopping partner. But he's giving me a ride to Marion so I don't have to catch the bus, so it's really all good.

Still on Hall Ball...
Originally I was on a table with Jess, Anisa, and Halleh, and then Amy and Co were added, as was Eri who was already on the Asian table. Eri then somehow gets crossed off our list and left on the Asian table, and Anisa and Halleh end up on a different table, leaving me alone with Amy and Co. Now call me a bitch, cos I know I am, but I moved myself to sit with Anisa and Halleh (Jess is at HC table I think). God I'm a bitch.

Fifteen dollars richer though, as I did another one of those psych things today. The guy came up to ask us if we wanted to just after I'd finished telling Emma and Sarah about my previous experience. How freaky is that? It was basically the same but a different video and I AM NOW FIFTEEN DOLLARS RICHER! Which is like, a quarter of a pair of shoes. This is a sign.

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