Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stupid Fashion Houses

Apparently greeny-bluey-aqua is not a trendy colour at the moment.
This time of the 'season' was not a good time to get my heart set on matching greeny-bluey-aqua jewellery, bag, and SHOES.

I have this top which is the perfect shade of greeny-bluey-aqua. Unfortunately, I got it about a year ago, no doubt when greeny-bluey-aqua was very trendy indeed (or had been the year before and I was just catching up).

At any rate, what I should have done then was think "I'm going to be going to Hall Ball in about a year. I'll need the perfect pair of greeny-bluey-aqua shoes to go with the dress I'm going to buy for my 21st. I really should start looking RIGHT NOW."

But I didn't. And so I am stuck with black, white, red, or blue shoes in every single shop. That's Marion AND Harbourtown.

We shouldn't be such slaves to fashion, people. Stock something unusual. Like some greeny-bluey-aqua strappy, high-heeled, stilettoish COMFORTABLE wedges. Ok? And before Saturday. I'd appreciate it.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:27 am

    I hate that too... which is why it's nice to shop online sometimes. Although it's not so nice when the shoes arrive and they fit weird because you didn't get to try them on... (can't win)


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