Thursday, October 05, 2006

These tutors are going to drive me insane

Oh my god, they're driving me up the freaking wall.

"If you need any help on your essays, any at all, just email me."
"We-ell, if you send me your essay, I'll have a look at it."
I'd appreciate it.
"But I'm not going through your whole essay and commenting on it."
What the?!
"I don't think it's fair if I do some and not others."
Ok, see this is just plan stupid. People who go out of their way to do a draft essay, and get it in to you, with the intention of following your advice and making it a better essay before they hand it in deserve all the advantages you can give them. These are the only one's you're going to have to read. Everyone else is leaving it to the night before and will rexieve a corresponding grade.
Now, if they say, "There's just too many and I'm too lazy to read all your essays twice," at least they're being honest. This is fine. Just don't try to play the equal opportunity card. You'll just look like an idiot.

Referencing. Honestly. How about a bit of consistency here guys?
Author, A, Title (Place of Publication: Publisher, Date) p Page No
Personally, I like writing An Author. But I've seen A Author and Author, A.
I've seen the brackets left out.
I've seen random commas and semicolons entered all over the place.
I like writing pg and pgs but have succumbed to p and pp.
No-one likes in-text referencing anymore, it's all about the footnotes. This is fine. Except when you're only discussing one text and adding page numbers in-text would have been a hell of a lot easier than footnoting every. freaking. time.
What's the go with needing line numbers for poems. It's not it's a freaking epic-poem-saga-thing. It's practically a dirty limerick. If you can't find where in the poem a line comes from, you've been reading too many essays. I don't want you marking mine when you're in that state.
"Well, this is how I like to do it. But as long as all the information's there, it doesn't really matter." Wtf? "It doesn't really matter." The fate of the free world and the search for a cure for cancer come waaaay below the importance of a comma in the right place. This is what I know. It's just very hard when the brochure from Student Services and the information on Flinders Library are telling you two different 'right places'.

And finally, Wikipedia. Personally, I think Wikipedia is great. I use it a lot, especially for background info when I'm just starting an essay, and looking up the names of characters in Alias or whatever. I have a feeling that tutors like it too. They're just not allowed to. We are very scathing about Wikipedia and would never ever list it as a source in an essay. (We're not even allowed to reference other 'reputable' encyclopedias.) It's a little hard to reconcile this with tutors passing around print-outs of Wikipedia sites so we can read all about monetarism in class.

Oh, one more. This one tutor is soooo superior and condescing to us poor young undergrads. Remember Maggie Thatcher? That was her also. And apparantly, we couldn't imagine working a 16 hour day "these days." Lady, what world are you living in. How about single mums who go to uni for six or more hours, then off to work for the evening/night shift? What about these young business-type workaholic people? (Granted, they're well paid for it, but if you watched House you'd know where all that can lead.) Keep your generalisations to yourself.
On a side note, today's history tut was the most interesting one so far. We talk about the American pay and tipping system, wherein I could provide lots of anecdotes and was asked lots of questions as the resident expert on tipping lol.


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  1. vsquared9:09 pm

    did you really believe them when they said "I'd really like tp spend my w/end reading a draft essay".
    It was just a brief moment of unguarded enthusiasm, and should not be held against them.


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