Monday, October 30, 2006

Poster Post

There's a poster sale going on at Flinders at the moment, and since I've had people tell me I should do something with my walls, and even people decorating my door cos it was too boring, I thought I should buy some.

This is not actually a poster, but they're postcards you can just take from campus, so I have about fifteen of them brightening up my wall:
This isn't actually the right one, but it's close. Mine is a blue Ninja ZX-9R:
This isn't the right one either. Mine is just the Genie and the lamp:
These two are the actual ones I got. Don't give me crap about my television choices:
Don't tell me you don't love Aragorn:
And there you have it. My room, all nicely prettied up, just in time for me to take them all down so I can pack to COME HOME!!!


  1. Anonymous5:55 am

    Hell yes, and Legolas too.

  2. nope, aragorn is the only one for me... he's so ... dark. mmmm

  3. vsquared12:30 am

    have you ever thought that Legolas is - well - just a little bit effeminate.
    I mean, even his name suggests it -

    Leg o' Lass?

  4. Legolas has some moves but I'm sticking with Aragorn, thanks. Jen, you can have Legolas, Carla, go back to your soccer players and leave Aragorn alone!


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