Thursday, October 26, 2006

100th Post

So I was going to try and make the Hall Ball one the 100th post, but I think that it's actually better that this is it.

Me and five others were asked to stay after our English tut yesterday. And everyone's stressing, cos we were also getting our (3000 word) essays back that day. But, as I am very observant, I was able to let Sarah and Emma know that if they had a look at who'd been asked, it was all the smart people.

And of course, I was right (cos I am one of the smart people).

Lisa thinks that we're smart enough to be doing Honours English.
That's right, I'm smart.

Dude. Honours.

(Ok, so technically we're in first year, and like half the class was told this, so there's a really really slim chance that any of us would remember and still be smart enough in three years, but it's still kinda cool, right?)

1 comment:

  1. vsquared10:07 pm

    Honours English. Weeeelllllll.

    course you could do it, never had any doubt.


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