Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pub Crawl

5 - 6pm: PJ O'Brien's
6 - 7pm: The Elephant
7 - 8pm: The Austral

Those we didn't go to, as we're not hard-core drunks. We got the 7:30ish bus (after a few false tries when other buses went past) and scared all the other passengers. There were a lot of us, and some of us were already pretty wasted, so it was very loud and entertaining. So we arrived in the city at about five to eight, just in time for...

8 - 9pm: The Richmond

Kind of a classy sports bar? Maybe. There were a few late-after-work-type drinkers. No dancing. We all just stood around chatting, which was nice, and watching baseball if we so chose. Do not follow Smirnoff Twist Arctic Berry flavour with the Lime one. Actually, I'm pretty over the lime one at all. If you're walking up an escalator, make sure you walk very loudly.

9 - 10pm: The Woolshed

Cowboy-themed bar. I think there was a downstairs dancefloor but it was closed. They have one of those mechanical bull things, which was fun at KSA and even better after some alcohol. We met Ben-in-the-yellow-shirt and I introduced him to Andy. We did a lot of saving each other from drunk randoms which was entertaining at first but got a bit old. "Bianca" had a lot of fun there.

10-11pm: Worldsend

I'm thinking they missed an apostrophe or space or something in there but whatever. Almost lost my map and $5 as my bag-that-every-one-loves-cos-it's-so-cute decided to donate to the footpath on the way there, but luckily we saved the money from the ground, and then from Bianca.
Worldsend was pretty boring. There were pool tables. We took pics with Pete and Carlos so they could at least say they got to hug a girl that night. They had a back room/restaurant thing (which unfortunately wouldn't give us any food) - which had some very weird and very pretty art on the walls - so we went and had a sit there for a while to save our feet for dancing at...

11 - 12: Colonel Light
We ended up here at the end of the New Res/Old Res pub night and Boat Races was held here also. They had a band and decent dancefloor and $1 Illusion shots. What more could you want?

Convenience Store, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, The Pigs, PJ O'Brien's
It's a long walk ok?
Stopped at a convenience store for a toothbrush and butter mentols (not for me) and while we were there I decided to get a lollipop. We'd got heaps behind everyone else, but when we came out, they'd done a u-turn and were coming back to McDonalds which was right across the street, so slow-and-steady did not have to walk as far. Ate lots of fries (not mine) and sucked on my lollipops (mine). The toilet was closed (how ridiculous) so we sat there while we waited for our revered ST to go find one to "pee pee, pee pee pee" in. Managed to make it all the way to Hungry Jacks for another pit stop to get us the rest of the way. Saw some Lincoln people. At this stage we were headed for Mansions but when we got half-way down the Mall, we got a call that it was closed (again, how ridiculous). So we sat on the pigs to try and decide on a place to go. Eventually decided on PJ O'Brien's which was the one we'd missed right at the start. So we start walking - again - even though my shoes were completely killing me. In theory, I know it's dumb wearing heels. Ok? I do, really. And this belief is re-affirmed any time I wear them anywhere. But they're pretty. Although they do get stuck in cracks in the paving. Anyway, eventually got to PJ's. Very crowded. There was a band, with decent music. But the dancefloor was about one meter by three, right in the middle of a walkway. Who designs these places? Honestly. So we called it a night, and got a taxi back to the Hall.

Common Room, The Village, Bed
Hung out in the Common Room for a while, since I wasn't really tired. My feet were, and didn't like the thought of stairs, so we just sat. Got my willing slave to get me chips and water. Ignored the stupid infomercials. Called lots of people from other people's phones. Listened to what I'm sure was high drama involving "L to the G" which "T" had a hand in, and it was all going to end in tears (this is in real life, not on the informercials). Went for a walk to the Village to wake up Frodo but he was asleep. Finally, decided I was tired and began the long long trek up to room, and thence to bed.

The end.
Hope you enjoyed the show.

Oh, and I'd like to thank the Sober Mentors for the evening: Justin, Sam, Pete, Cindy, Adam, and Carlie.

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