Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ring-ring, Ring-ri--

We here at the Hall live in rooms roughly the size of those boxes that refrigerators come in. You do not have enough room to swing a cat - although can at FMC, right Cindy? You can roll out of bed and onto the desk.

Therefore, there is no reason why we cannot answer the phone within two and a rings. EVER. Except if we want to annoy our neighbours.

If we do not answer the phone within this time period, hang the hell up. We're not home. Otherwise, our neighbours will stab a pair of scissors through the wall of the box, and into your ear.

* If this post was slow appearing on your screen, it's cos I'm typing one-handed. With my left hand. What kind of idiot can burn her hand on a hair straightener? This kind, that's who.


  1. yeah..... i cant think of many people that can do that...... u must be special

  2. vsquared11:08 pm

    It's OK, I've turned my phone volume down to the minimum, so you've phone will ring really softly.

  3. yeah, special bus.


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