Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another New Template

See how much time I can devote to this kind of stuff when I have essays due? My capacity for non-essay occupation is astounding. Well I think so anyway.

I realise some of you might not be too thrilled with the girly background colour. But seriously, it looks better than anything else I tried. Yes I did try others. So there. But I think I need to add another colour into my colour scheme of Aqua(dark and light) and Purply-maroon. So what do you think I should add? And where? I'm thinking the titles of the sections in the sidebar. But that's just me. It's not like... oh wait. Never mind.

Off to do essays. I promise.

Oh and if you want to see what it used to look like - for old times' sake lol - I think clicking into older posts does it. Otherwise, I have no idea and what are you wasting my time for anyhow? I have essays to write.

Actually they're written. And I even invented a whole new referencing system. But my tutor wasn't as sure that it was going to catch on, and wants to go with Harvard for now or some such nonsense.

Essays. Right. Going.


  1. Anonymous11:53 pm

    I love your template. I really want to make my own too, something not so generic. But it seems like it's an effort-related thing. And I just don't do that.

    I like your blog, by the way!

  2. Hey Jen, thanks for the comments. Love your blog also. Agree with the effort thing (or lack thereof) but here's the templates I've had if you want some ideas:

    The current one is just the basic Blogger Minima White, which I changed all the colours on (obvsly, as there's no longer any white!)

    The one before this was from this site where you just tell it what colours you want certain things and it tells you the html for the new template. Which is cool but not as smooth as the Blogger templates.

    And before that I had the Minima Black with diff coloured fonts.


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