About Me

About Me, May 2012

I live in Adelaide, South Australia, but I'm originally from Darwin, where it is hot and humid and we know how to do a good thunderstorm.

I am studying a Master of Library and Information Management, and am shocked by the number of information professionals who call their place of work a 'liberry' and themselves 'liberrians'.

I work for a book selling company, which means I have more books to read than time to read them.

I play ultimate frisbee at a National level, except in the dead of winter when it's too damn cold.

About Me, c2010

Here are some things about me:

I live in Adelaide, South Australia, but I'm originally from Darwin. I miss the scooter-riding weather and my book collection.

I attended BlogHer08, had a blast, and promptly dropped off the face of the blogging planet.

I play ultimate frisbee, usually for Flinders University, sometimes ('some' meaning 'at national' times) for Indies and Pillow Fight.

I like chocolate milkshakes, devouring tv shows a season at a time, and shorts and singlet weather.

I dislike people who misuse words and punctuation, customer service industry workers who provide no service to their customers, and hot drinks (although I've found them to be useful hand-warmers).

PS: It's winter at the time of writing this. I'm sure that has nothing to do with anything.
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