Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Made It

When I was in primary school, I represented my school (area?) in Zone Athletics. The fact that I had come third in high jump in my age group at our school's athletics carnival apparently qualified me to compete against kids who, I don't know, actually knew how to do the flop thing instead of the scissor kick I did.

Needless to say, it was not a massive success, but hey I got a day off school! The point is, I didn't really have to try hard to make a team I had no aspirations to be on.

I played NT Champs in basketball one year, but that was a matter of our club rounding up enough people to call a team. This included myself; at the time, and pretty much any time, a league reserve player playing up.

So I've never really had to try out for anything (oh! except Hall soccer! when we won the Cup! hell yeah) - even when I went to Mixed Nats I was just asked to be on the team - until now. And guess what?! I made it!

I made Indies.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Once you haven't posted for a while, it seems like the topic you return with has to be very dramatic. What could be so ultra-important that it would necessitate its own blog post? Well, I have no idea, and this is not that post.

I do not understand people who crumple up their money. How hard is it to keep your notes flat?

I started writing a song while I was falling asleep last night. Either I can't remember it right, or what I made up was horrifically poor semi-rhyming poetry. Probably both. I don't think composition of embarrassingly badly written lyrics is a daytime activity.

Most ouch line of the past week: "... and you haven't been happy at frisbee for a long time." Dude, that's strong. And only a little true. It may be the lack of attention getting to me, or the 40-degree trainings (turns out there is such a thing as 'too hot for frisbee'), or the expected to learn new shit every week thing. Either way, apparently I am happy again so it's all a moo point.

I think I should get in the habit of writing again, as there are a few things I shouldn't talk about with other people, either because it's about them or someone too close to them, or because it's about someone they don't know and yet will have contact with and on those occasions they shouldn't appear to hate them, you know? Me neither. Anyway, writing is a habit, and I used to be fairly addicted, and I'm thinking that's not such a bad way to be.
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