Monday, October 09, 2006

The haps at the Hall

Went out last night. Yes, a Sunday. Apparantly people do that when they don't have to get up the next morning to go to work. It was fun, but reminded me of the reason why I decided to not get in the habit of going out. One night of Pub Crawl and I can't last two days without the next going-out-ness.

This Friday is Formal Dinner.
1. It naturally has a theme, as it wouldn't be Hall event without one. Superstition, Myth and Mayhem. Would it be really slack if I just modified my "Black Jungle Cat" from the jungle-themed Area Dinner to "Unlucky Black Cat" for Formal Dinner.
2. They require you to sign up for it. However, Formal Dinner is at 6:30 on Friday. This is when I normally go to dinner anyway. I'm a little confused here.
3. Do not confuse Formal Dinner with...

Hall Ball
Hall Ball is on in a couple of weeks. It's all a big to-do revolving around a dress, shoes, and unlimited alcohol. Personally, I can't wait. My feet are shaking at the thought of another night in three-inch stilletto heels though.

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