Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What's up?

I am no good at this if I'm not out of state where I have the excuse of blabbing about minute details of 'a student living away from home'.


I am house-sitting. There is a dog and a pool and a car. The car and the pool are cool, the dog not so much. Not that I don't like dogs or anything, just that I'm slack enough about regular meals for myself, which basically makes me a terrible pet owner.

And on second thought, the pool is not so good either. It is enticing what with the water and the pool toys and the lazing around doing nothing, but then the sun grabs you up and roasts you over an open flame, until you stomach is approximately this colour. I am not even kidding. And you almost die of the pain of sitting down cos you stomach has rolls which don't like being rolled.

Third. I got my hair cut. And I dyed it. But not really. You probably can't really tell. It just has a bit of blonde/light brown highlights which I kinda have naturally but this just brings it out a bit more. But since my hair is incredibly long right now, I let her cut off a bit more than usual, which means it looks awesome and healthy and still soooo daaamn looong.

Annd Eri is coming to visit. Darwin, not me. Although I'll be here. Hopefully she won't go to Kakadu so we can all go to Litchfield instead.

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