Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cos We Don't Need No-One To Tell Us What To Do!

PS: This post took abouuuuut four hours to get done, due to the internets' refusal to upload photos to either here or Facebook. For which FB has been stabbed.

When I asked you all what to wear to the Living End concert, no replies were forthcoming,* which meant that Shelle and Alyce and I were on our own.

Everyone else at the concert: What do you wear to a Living End concert?
Us: What do you wear to HQ (where the concert was held)?

There is a bit of a difference. (And yes, that was like the worst photo I had, but it was the only full-length one of all three of us.)

Anyway, so there we were, being totally hot, and looking like ditzy college students, right down to the drinks our drivers were kind enough to let us stop and buy on the way.

We were pretty impatient through the opening bands, every single member of which made me want to attack them with hairdressing scissors. But we spent the time trying to get the attention of Hat Guy and Photo Guy, without much success.

But then THE LIVING END CAME ON! And we rocked out.

And so did the band. (Spewing I didn't get a photo of the dude playing his big cello thing WHILE STANDING ON IT. AWESOME!)

We decided to take a bathroom break for some fresh air, and what are bathrooms for if not posing in front of their mirrors?

The whole time we were sitting there, we kept saying things like "I can't wait to get McDonalds" and (since the band was taking a break) "We picked a great time to come here." This got us weird looks from some people who thought they were giving them to us after they'd walked past, but HAHA WALL OF MIRRORS WE CAN TOTALLY SEE YOU. We met Shoe Girl, who'd lost both of her shoes in the middle of the mosh pit. (We had actually started the concert there ourselves, with some idiot guys who were not being at all subtle about the pills they were popping, but decided we really didn't want to be crushed, so we moved to the left a bit. Still in the second/third row, which is awesome, right?) And we met Every Single Other Person Who Came In, who was allowed to bring their drinks in, while Alyce had had her water confiscated. Then Shelle got all impatient texting us, and we were like, whatever, we'll go back out when the break's over. And then the security guy was all, everybody out of the bathroom. And we were like, but we like it here!

And then we went out, and all the funny looks we'd gotten kinda made sense, as the whole place was empty except for Shelle. Yes indeed girls, why wouldn't you be allowed to stay in the bathroom during a break?

Annnyway. In short: I love tickets!

*It occurs to me that this may be because you are unfamiliar with the Living End? Is this true? I'd be interested to know. If that's the case, here is their song from which I stole the title of this post (and which COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY rocked the house last night).

More of their songs here and here. And their latest one here.


  1. My excuse is thus: I am feeling very oldy mcoldster today, haven't been out in a dress-up kind of way in YEARS, and the last time I went to a concert it was during the DAY at a festival-type thing and I was 4 month's pregnant. Oh boy. So nope, I don't know The Living End and am feeling silly that I don't. You look like you had a fantastic time.

    Want to come over and help me fold laundry? I live on the WILD SIDE.

  2. You looked so super cute! Love that dress.

  3. i admit i had no idea what you were talking about.
    i am aware of how much you like to hang out in bathrooms.

  4. Yup, never heard of this group either. However, I think they give an 80s punk rock feel, which is cool.

  5. How cute are you? Totally digging that dress.

    My excuse? I'm lazy. Not like that's news or anything...

  6. oh you girls are so cute. looks like a great night! :)

  7. whimsy: kind of embarrassing, but I've only been to one other concert in my whole life, so I'm sure you would beat me in 'having a clue what to wear' game.

    and what is everyone's obsession with folding laundry? I just told holly I'd pay her to do mine while she was on a roll.

    everyone who said the dress was cute: thanks! the random girl in the bathroom thought so too. i'd just bought it that day. it was totally good for my ego.

    everyone who hadn't heard of the living end: now you do know them. you're welcome. they were pretty big here in the early nineties, but clearly not so much outside australia.

  8. Yeah.. NOOOWWW i know them, why didn't you tell me that was their song?!?!?! they are actually pretty good...


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