Tuesday, October 21, 2008

THAT Girl At The Gym

I like to think I was that girl today at the gym.

The one who takes about five minutes to untangle her headphone cord. And no, she cannot do it while the treadmill is actually moving.

The one with bright white, brand new, shiny top-of-the range running shoes. You know she won't last a week.

The one who is bargaining with herself on the treadmill. Like, if you run for two more minutes, I'll let you walk for three. If you run for one minute then walk for five, I'll let you go to the library.

The one who is on her cool-down, but decides to go for another three minutes because 'Love Shack' comes on the radio.

The one whose song preferences you can tell by when she cranks up Miley Cyrus and turns it over from a slow song, which, seriously dudes, what were you thinking putting that on in the first place? We're supposed to energetic, here!

The one who manages to get her headphone cords almost irretrievably tangled on the ten steps it took to get from the treadmill to the bike.

The one who rolls her eyes at her bike's computer when it repeatedly screams "HIGH HEART RATE," like, isn't that the whole point? (Now give me a cupcake.)

The one who does a completely exaggerated look of what a darn shame when she discovers two rowers are occupied and the other one is out of order, because honestly, she really and truly wanted to extend her workout.

You know, that girl ... if everyone else at the gym had a blog and was as involved with my workout (hee! "my workout") as I was and rushed home to blog about it even before they had a shower and I'm sure their roommates will thank them for that when they sit down on the couch tonight.

Oh yeah, and the one who said it wasn't going to be a gym blog, but what can she say, because she didn't die two days in a row!


  1. I am THAT girl every week. Also, I'm the girl who can barely walk when she gets off the treadmill. The floor! It's moving!

  2. THAT girl is typically hot! lol

  3. Better THAT girl than THAT CRAZY LADY in the stretching area, right?

  4. better to be that girl than the one who grunts insanely loud the whole time they're working out.

  5. Rhi: I am that girl as well. I have great difficulty walking in a straight line when getting off any of the machines.

    BobbyG: Hot ... and sweaty.

    Miss Grace: Stretching ... hmm good idea. I think that would be a good idea, esp since my arse muscles are killing me today.

    Katelin: LOL. I could totally be that girl but Love Shack was cranked too high for me to tell.

  6. yes, I was the person who answered their phone at the gym and got yelled at. But, it was very important medical test results.

    Just added a link to you on jodifur!

  7. Jodifur: If you can talk and exercise at the same time, you should able to answer your phone. Everyone else is just jealous.


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