Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome To The Dark Side

I did it. I joined the gym.

I just went in to get prices and whatever - because I fully intend parading around the beach in a bikini all summer, and there are some things that the public should not be subjected to, so the gym was going to have to happen - but god forbid they could actually just hand over a price list and let me escape unscathed.

A consultant was brought out, I got a tour of the place, we had a long chat about my dreams, hopes, and aspirations, and then finally, he was like, hand over your wallet. And even then, when I was like, "Ok, I'll just take this info and get back to you," he was like, "What?" with this really confused look. Why don't you want to sell us your soul right now, this instant, immediately if not sooner?

Anyway, after he went back to his manager to see what kind of deal we could do, since I am, after all, a struggling uni student, he came back with a discount, plus a deal that he just worked out, which was pretty sneaky for two reasons: first of all, excellent sales tactics there, doing even better than the manager said he could (as if all of this wasn't authorised way before it was presented to me) and secondly, he got me signed up for much longer than I was going to, and if I forget to go in and change it, he's got me! All in all, they really do push hard to get you to sign up, but he was very friendly and knowledgeable, so it didn't even seem too bad. Which makes it even sneakier!

But I did get this very trendy backpack and drink bottle, all for the low low price of giving them a bunch of fake phone numbers of my closest friends people I want to torture with incessant phone calls.

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