Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Make The Gym Seem Like Fun

Emphasis on the word seem.

Make it all about the outfits!

I could totally endorse athletic wear. Crop top by Nike. Singlet by Cotton On. Shorts by Lonsdale. Socks by Nike. Shoes by Asics. Wristband by Adidas. Ok, so I'm not very loyal, but that will all change when someone starts paying me to go to the gym.

Speaking of, the last time I decided to exercise, I got a trip to San Francisco at the end of it. I fail to see how I am going to find motivation to equal or beat that this time around. Compared to a holiday, new clothes don't really cut it.

This is in no way going to become an exercise blog. For one thing, that would mean I would have to exercise, and for another, that shit is boring. But I thought that today, my first day at the gym, should be commemorated in some way. My goal is to do something at the gym every weekday, and notice I very carefully didn't specify how much something.

So far: I didn't collapse on the treadmill and kill myself. I consider that a total gym success.

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