Wednesday, October 15, 2008

House and Holmes

As may have been evident from yesterday's post, I have finished my thesis. It ended up at 58 pages (FIFTY-EIGHT PAGES), including cover sheet, acknowledgements, contents page, etc. The actual numbered pages only go up to 48, mostly due to the fact that the Intro is counted in roman numerals, which I am spewing about. As if I couldn't find two more pages of bullshit to babble about. I'm pretty sure I could have just moved a couple of paragraphs onto the next page and we would have been set. Although, I'm fairly certain 13,037 is enough words for any one person to be expected to read. And SEVEN DOLLARS was certainly enough for me to have to pay to print the stupid thing. On the plus side, I did learn how to make different types of page numbers within a single document.

I spent most of yesterday making sure things were double-spaced, no wait one and a half spaced here, and justified, no wait centered on this page, and OH MY GOD that full stop should have been a comma, and I really think that should have a capital, but if so I have to change all the other lower-case letters that I've already passed, and THE MARKERS BETTER NOTICE THESE MINUSCULE DETAILS.

Speaking of which, I kind of have an issue with the marking of this. Firstly, what the hell was I thinking writing about a pop-culture tv drama? Why did NO-ONE, at any point, tell me to compare Holmes to, like, War and Peace or The Odyssey or something that seems vaguely literary and intelligent. Ahem.

Secondly, how can they even mark it, when I had to make up the question and they really don't know what I was trying to say, or if I should have included something else, because clearly, this is the question, and this is exactly what I was trying to say, and it's written in a way which perfectly answers the question. So HDs all round!

Plus, if the Abstract was optional, then do we get bonus marks for having one? Or if it's really crap, do they take marks off? Cos that would suggest it would be better to not even have one. So many questions!

And thirdly, I feel like we should be able to include little notes to the markers, to the tune of "I included the episodes here and in this particular order because my supervisor told me to, even though she ended that email with the words 'I reckon' which I agree is not a very compelling argument, but it's all I had to go by. Take it up with her, you can leave that HD here while you do so. Cheers."

All that aside, it appears that I have done good just finishing it on time. In my class last week, to which five people showed up, one had done his thesis last semester, two had postponed theirs til next year, and another appeared to be in the middle of a nervous breakdown and was considering doing the same. Seriously, she nearly burst into tears when she found out the due date of our assignment was earlier than she thought. (She did get us an extension, so it wasn't in vain.) So now I am (a) freaking out because I'm pretty sure these are all very smart people and if they weren't able to complete it, what the hell makes me think mine is done well enough to hand in and (b) happy that I once again can experience the feeling that I was so used to having for most of high school - the one where I am smarter than everyone else and was not be up til midnight working on an assignment.

SO, THEREFORE, IN CONCLUSION ... here is me handing in my FIFTY-EIGHT PAGE THESIS and heading off to the beach. Mwah!

See how thick it is? And see me hiding in the shelves so no-one would see what a big dork I was being? Yeah, didn't work. Who knew people actually read those books?


  1. YAY! Very happy for you. Now to get on to more important things, like sunbathing and enjoying the beach!

  2. WOOOOMOTHEREFFINGHOOO!!! Done AND turned in? I'm so proud.

    And also jealous that you're now free to go to the beach where as I - oh wait, I don't have a job. Dude, I could totally go to the beach too! SCORE!

    (did you like how I made that all about me? am I good or what?)

  3. FREEDOM! That's a seriously impressive document you've got going there. I'm so freaking proud you've written all that all by yourself on a very cool topic. Who cares about some Greek tome written thousands of years ago? War and what? Seriously, people will actually PICK UP your thesis when they see the topic, rather than walk past it very quickly like they'll do to the other thesiseseses.
    Congrats again dude!

  4. Awesome! I bet it feels sooo good to have it finished!

  5. congrats on finishing your thesis! enjoy the beach, you deserve it!

  6. Congratulations! You must feel great!

  7. Thanks guys. I love you so much.

    Two assigments to go!

  8. Hey, gj on finishing the Thesis, have fun at the beach...

    Did you have any like appendicies? Because in my assignment for skool i had like... dunno.. 40 pages of appendicies


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