Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Again

If someone was making a movie of my life (and come on, Road Trip II: BlogHer08 is just begging to be made), September would be the montage section, with cuts to me typing steadily, taking notes with books spread out all around me, and sitting in front of the tv eating. A lot.

I would get dressed in my thesis-writing outfit - trackies and many many layers of long-sleeved tops - have breakfast, type, eat lunch, type, etcetera but supersized. There was a lot of "Oh god, I'm so fat." Basically, winter was crushing my spirit.

But then came the awesome hotness of the start of spring. I decided I could no longer wear trackies to work, so I bought a pair of SHORTS and wore them at work that day. And oh my god, the difference that made. Hi legs! Wow, you look so good! Hey there calves, I'd totally forgotten you existed!

(This story doesn't really have a conclusion or a point, so I'm just going to put some stars here and pretend there an awesome finish which was also a wicked good segue into the next part.)


As I may have mentioned, my usual essay-writing method is to type and type and hit word count and type some more and oh look, we're at the word limit, type a conclusion, hit print. That's some quality work ethic there, dude.

And as I am totally sure I have not mentioned, not once, never ever, I am type-type-typing away at my thesis. Yesterday I did a bit of consolidation and editing (which seriously, re-reading my own writing? hate. never do it) and got an accurate word-count for the first time. (It's supposed to be 12-15000 words, but I always thought it was 10000, which is quite enough thank you, so that's what I was aiming for.) With a 2000 word conclusion still to go (which, hi, seriously? how do you write a 2000 word conclusion? usually my entire arguement is barely that long), I'm at 9800 words.

Which means I am totally on track, and if I stop messing around here, I could essentially have the whole thing written by tonight. OK FREAK OUT. Back to playing on the internet!


  1. Dude, oh my god, you totally wrote 2000 since I last spoke to you? Serious? I'M SO FREAKING PROUD! Kick that essay in the arse and bring on November! (Have I mentioned that I'll totally be stopping by in November? Twice. Deets to follow)

    The way I do my essays is leave it to the night before, and type like crazy until the word limit is reached. Unless I'm doing my dossier for my Terrorism class which, for the first time in my LIFE, I was 2000 words over the limit and that was AFTER I cut it back to the bare bones.
    So proud.

  2. You're coming to visit? Woohoo!

    And I had successfully blocked Terrorism from my mind. And remember the Legal one about the guy that got drunk and wandered across the road to get hit by a car? That wasn't fun either.

    And to make sure I'm up late doing it the night before I've done nothing on it all long weekend.

  3. I so did college the same way! Also, you have spring and it's getting cold here. Jealous, jealous, jealous!


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