Saturday, August 30, 2008

Uni Quandry

The assessment for my Post-War American Literature is pretty basic: a 1000 word tut paper, and a 2000 word "major" essay. Easy.

Except that we also have to present to the class on one of the books.

Given that
(a) class goes for two hours,
(b) the presentation is not graded, so essentially I'll be planning a two-hour presentation for no marks,
(c) there are only five people in the class, so it'll pretty obvious if I just happen to not show up the week it's my turn to present,
(d) the lecturer already thinks I'm an idiot, and I wouldn't put it past her to let this affect my essay grades
I should just suck it up and do the presentation, right? Or not?

Incidentally, if anyone has a two-hour prepared speech on On The Road and would like to email it to me, that would be awesome.


  1. I am a cranky old woman, but here's my point of view, looking back with lots of experience - if you're doing it for the grade, you will always be miserable. Throw yourself into your projects with a joy for learning and and do your best. THAT is really the message here. Good luck.

  2. Suck it up Princess...

    C'mon you can do it!

    I have to do a major assesmant, you can do a presentation...

  3. Thanks guys. And I really wouldn't ever actually skip class on a presentation day. I just wanted to whinge a bit. Did I mention TWO HOURS???

    As proof, I wrote 2491 words today. Not a bad start, right?

  4. why, OH WHY, did you pick On The Road?
    i have a million essays that could have at least gotten you some more time-fill, but NONE on that book.
    in better news, you can ramble on forever about that book. BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THAT BOOK IS.

  5. Um, I love On The Road and could have my friend Andy...also a Jack lover send you a lot of information since he is obsessed!

  6. Leslie: I had limited options. It was On The Road or that play about the guy who dies. And he has two sons. Yeah, I payed attention to that one.

    Aimee: Thank you soo much, but I think I'm good. Well, how about 'completely average' but pfft whatever.

    You guys rock.

  7. Bah. I am a wuss and I would totally just skip it.

  8. dude:
    that leslie comment was from me.
    why did it call me leslie? i don't even know anyone named leslie.

  9. well i sucked it up and did it. and she took notes. WHY?

    tiff and leslie, you're freaking me out.


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