Saturday, August 16, 2008

So, How's Uni?

So, I'm back at uni.

My study habits have gone from 'tends to leave things to the last minute' to 'completely non-existent.'

That's not actually true; I totally read the book for last week's class. And I read it before class and everything. But I could not tell you a single thing about it. No themes, symbolism, character motivations. I just didn't get the point of anyone writing it down at all. Like The Great Gatsby. Sorry, everyone who loves it. I didn't get it in Year 12, and I don't think I'd get it now.

And when your class of five is held in the lecturer's office, it's kind of noticeable when you have nothing to say. But I was LISTENING. And THINKING (about, like, what would I Twitter right now if I had Twitter?). But listening and thinking don't count towards a participation grade.

You know what else doesn't count? A thesis which sounded so cool back in March or April when October seemed sooooo far away it was practically in next year. I might want to make a start on those 10000 words that (apparently, and not for lack of waiting for them) aren't going to write themselves.

And also, GENIUS, you don't get marks for learning how to MAKE A CURVE IN PHOTOSHOP.


  1. Yeah, we dont have to do 10k words but my last report got to a few thousand...

  2. I don't know how to make a curve in photoshop.

    So as if it wasn't confirmed before, you are so totally smarter than me now!


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