Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cos I Really Need More Distractions

Last night I made a little to-do list for myself. It included a lot of "read ..." and "write ..." which is unsurprising. (It also said "Buy Vegemite," which is also unsurprising.) Turns out I have a little bit of work to do for uni this semester.

As an aside, my uni lecturer-and-supervisor thinks I am a total idiot. Yesterday, she wanted to make an appointment to discuss my thesis. Which, sure, go ahead, discuss away. It's not written yet, end of discussion. Anyway, she's all like, "How does Monday at 10 suit you?" And I was all, "Ten in the morning?" And THEN she was all, "The real world is going to be a bit of a shock to you, isn't it?" Which, WHATEVER, I have lived in the real world, and in fact live in it several days a week, at least.

At the end of class, she started talking about the book we're supposed to read for next week, which I only bought after class yesterday, so how in the hell was I supposed to answer a question about it. No, actually, take out that 'only.' A week is PLENTY of time to read a book, thank you very much, and you can stop judging now, mkay?

I am totally off-topic by now. My point was - or was going to be - that I totally need more things to distract me from all this reading and writing, because who wants to write a thesis anyway?

So. Holly is having a contest, which, at first, she was all, "Only if you live in the US or Canada, MISSY," like, nice try, but I can't move in with you right now, sorry. And then, she was like, well, I'll just have to move to Australia, and then I wouldn't be able to enter my own contest, so I better change the rules so I can. And since Holly-in-Australia can, then I can, so yay! I'm going to win me some books!

Which I will then totally give to you all, because hello? I have a thesis to write.

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  1. School distractions were my specialty. So were 50 page papers typed in 48 hours with no sleep and well, ya, they didn't usually make sense and the profs usually wrote, "huh?" all over them! Yikes. Hopefully you are better at this sort of thing than I am.


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