Friday, August 29, 2008

Arte Y Pico Award

Last weekend at work, we served these two gay guys. After seeing/talking to them several times that day, they sent us an email right before close. It was the sweetest email ever! They outlined every occasion they'd had to deal with us throughout the day, and pointed out how awesomely we'd treated them. Basically, we were only doing our jobs, but that was SO NICE of them to go to so much effort to let us know that we'd done them well.

And now, thanks to the lovely ladies at 3 Giraffes, I can pass that on to some of you. I am awarding the Arte Y Pico award to "5 blogs that I consider deserving of this award based on creativity, design, interesting material, and overall contribution to the blogger community."

In Holly's own words: "OMG! She's so talented she can run three blogs AND work a full time job AND take care of her family. Niiiice." I am very much in awe of her, because clearly she's fabulous. And did I mention three (awesome) blogs? For "interesting material," see any of her Freakin MM posts, and for "community," I give you the fact that I would feel bad if I won one of her contests when she has such an awesome group of readers on her book blog.

My second recipient is Suzanne Broughton, of Emphasis Mine. If all she posted was this video about driving on LA freeways, over and over again, I would probably still read her. And just as I was writing this, this post came up, which is another video, also awesome, but she does write words as well, so go over and check her out.

Marilyn has the prettiest blog I've ever seen, and she has interesting/funny/touching posts all the time, and she's educating everyone about Wordpress, so that covers all the criteria for receiving this award. Plus I got to meet her at BlogHer and she was completely lovely to me.

After I got the letter at work, I was thinking about sending out a few emails to people I read, just to let them know that they are awesome. Because they should know it. At the top of my list was Chris Cactus. He is an awesome dad (or so I've been led to believe) AND an amazing blogger. I have this theory that comment sections reflect the blogger, and his are always hilarious and thoughtful.

And finally, for a blog that definitely demonstrates creativity and design and all that good stuff, and also since it's Father's Day pretty soon, my final awardee is my dad, over at Zithers Lutes and Lyres. He is making some very cool wood things at the moment, so go over and check them out.

This is clearly not an exhaustive list of all the awesome blogs in the world. (For that, you need to click over to my blogroll. Love you all!) So help me out - which blogs are you loving at the moment?


  1. I noticed you missed Skywalkers Blog:
    (I won't include a link as most of you dont want to go to it...)

  2. Aww! How sweet are you?? Thank you so much, and I happen to think you're pretty awesome too.

  3. I can't believe you shared my neurosis with the world. *sigh*

    But thanks, you're an absolute peach!

  4. Awww, shucks ;) Thanks.

  5. It's a cheap way to to do Father's Day, but I'll accept it.
    I've had a look at the other nominations, and I'm in pretty exalted company.

    And Holly, are you Supermum or summint?

  6. sw: if you ever posted anything, maybe I would.

    aimee, marilyn: thanks chickies!

    holly: I was going to say all that anyway, it just looked better with a direct quote ;)

    rudecactus, marilyn: you're welcome.

    v2: damn, ya caught me!


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