Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's cold on winter mornings, give me a break

(Basically, I only chose that title so I could show you this, which I have already complained about to anyone I spoke to, emailed, texted, sat across from in the computer room, happened to pass in the library, sat next to at the traffic lights ... well, you get the picture:

Hail. HAIL. Seriously, Australia, get your act together. Bring on summer!)

ANYWAY. On to the actual post.

I am pretty much a snob. I might as well admit that. Uni students' clothes? Oh my lord, I CANNOT STOP JUDGING. Casual, sporty, wintery would be one thing (well, three). But seriously. Those jeans. And those shoes. So not cool. And those jeans WITH those shoes? Ick. And PS, your grandma wants her cardi back. And your boyfriend wants his socks back. And ... no-one wants that jacket.

And then I'm like, would it kill you to put on some make-up. Moisturiser? Lip-gloss? You are (apparently) intelligent adults. You could try to look like it. Brush your hair even.

And then I'm all, half an hour extra sleep in? HELL YES THANK YOU. And all, co-ordinated outfit what? And then, beauty routine who? And then I'm all, never mind, uni people.


  1. Are you making fun of me? Ha ha ha! Yup, I'm so those people you are describing. I do nothing with myself but I fully blame my children for excuse.

  2. Oh my god, this is like me at work with the high school girls. Most of the high schools in the area have uniforms which apparently equates to not giving a shit about personal appearance. They ALL and I mean every single one, wear their hair in ratty, dirty ponytails and a cloth headband. I just want to chase after them with a brush yelling, "It's called shampoo! Use it!" (Also, not just at school, weekends too!)

  3. you're speaking my language with that extra half hour of sleep. you know from experience (unfortunately for you) that i am NOT afraid to leave the house looking like a complete troll.

    or, a very nimble hobbit leprechaun thing.


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