Friday, August 08, 2008

Michigan Blogger Party: Ice-cream and RockBand Award

Argh! So many things happened that I'm still trying to get written down!

Tiff and I decided to host a party for any Michigan bloggers who could make it. After couch-buying-related hijinks that afternoon, we headed off in a total rush to buy the necessities - chips and dip, Ben&Jerry's, strawberry mix, and vodka.

We made it home before any guests arrived, set out all the snacky-food things we'd promised people, and commenced stressing.

All that stressing was totally unwarranted, I have to say. We had an awesome time, and I hope our guests did too.

Highlights included:

~ Meeting everyone. Duh.

~ Perfecting our strawberry slushie drinks.

~ Deciding what to do with Andrea's hair.

~ Me and Andrea (ok, mostly me) cursing out Elizabeth (or the car I thought was Elizabeth's) for ditching us. You have to admit, that would've been pretty genius if she'd done it that way.

~ Finding the Smiley Fries from BlogHer at the shops that afternoon, cooking them in Tiff's brand-new kitchen, and eating them at 2am.

~ Playing RockBand til three in the morning.

~ Did I mention I got to hang out with all these awesome people (plus a few more)? AWESOME, I TELL YOU.

(That picture totally stolen from Elizabeth, because we are just so damn hot. Also, go read her post; it is much more coherent than mine.)

(I had to finish with that one, because it took us about twenty bajillion tries to get an even remotely sensible shot. It was late. Really late.)

In conclusion: You guys need to do that more often, even if you don't invite me. I won't be offended. (I will be pissed I can't gate-crash, but that's different.) You guys were so much fun - any success of the party was totally caused by you. Thank you so much!


  1. That was fun! A lot of fun. I wish you could come to each and everyone we have!


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