Saturday, August 02, 2008

The End (updated from san francisco)

I'm leaving.

In like, not very many hours.

This does not actually seem real, possibly because I haven't packed and am busy watching Harry Potter, which is good because then I am not freaking out.

How is it possible that I leave Michigan, fly to Phoenix (which ... where is Arizona, anyway?), fly to San Francisco, fly to Auckland, then am home, which equals not anywhere that I can play RockBand or eat Ben&Jerry's or casually discuss Keynotes and Cheeseburger Parties. I think that is not actually possible.

What is even more impossible is that, essentially, 'tomorrow' is my birthday, so I get home, have a party, then have to go straight back to uni.

Like, what the fuck?

Update: Ok, I actually am leaving now. Well, very soon. Now I'm in SFO, at my gate, about to board my plane for New Zealand. (I almost wrote 'ready to board' but I don't think I am. It seems like ages since I was home, but no, three weeks was not long enough.) The flights to and from Phoenix were uneventful, except that when we got to SFO, we broke two luggage carousels when someone's bag got stuck and kinda ruined. Anybody want to guess whose?


  1. Hey Happy Bday for the 4th,
    *insert corny birthday message here*
    Love Skywalker

  2. We love you Missy! you rock!

  3. Yes, you rock. I think you should move to Michigan and play rock band with a pint of B and J's every night!

  4. Holy crap. I was hoping that The Adventures of Missy among the Americans would become an ongoing serial, something like S Club 7 in Miami. (That is still on...right?)

    I hope you enjoyed your visit, and I hope this country left you with more positive memories than negative ones.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Isn't it weird when a vacation ends? I'm always strangely and simultaneously excited and devastated that it's over.

    Have a wonderful birthday!!!

  6. oh my god, you're actually not here with me right now. you know what this means, right?
    now i actually have to pack up my crap and move in with a boy.

    i blame you.

    happy birthday, hon.
    i miss you already.

  7. wait. that was me, up there. me! supertiff!
    (or, is it superift?)

    anyway, you may not be here anymore, but apparently your blogger account is still signed in to my computer.
    revenge is sweet, my friend.

  8. Missy, I finally broke down and linked your site directly from mine!

    Tiff, now you just have to convince your mom to get a blog, then you can sign on as her and leave comments in her name on her blog!


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