Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good Decision / Bad Decision

First of all, here is the brief version I could have written many many posts ago:

I flew from Adelaide to Auckland to San Francisco, where I met SuperTiff and Fog City Mommy. Tiff and I stayed with FCM for two days while we did some sightseeing. We checked into our hotel for BlogHer08, which was freaking awesome. We were very brave and met many amazing people. Adrienne drove us to Fullerton, where we stayed with Tiff's BFF Jobi, and went to Downtown Disney. Tiff went home, and I went to Costa Mesa to get my hair done by Whoorl's stylist. I got a train to Palm Springs to hang out with Holly, and then I drove to Vegas. Then I flew to Michigan to hang out with Tiff some more, and held a party for the bloggers in the area. Then I flew to Phoenix, then San Francisco, then Auckland, then Adelaide. And then I slept for a hundred years. In my own bed.

And now, was all of that a good idea? (This format totally stolen and vandalised from Katelin. For the well-written and original version, go here.)

Good decision: To come to SF for BlogHer.
Good decision: To come a couple of days early.
Bad decision: To not be a millionaire so I can guarantee I'll be able to attend every year.

Good decision: To plan to be brave and say hi to everyone I read.
Bad decision: Accidentally missing some people. Getting distracted by $4 margaritas and forgetting about others.

Good decision: To ride in one of the GM cars from SF to LA.
Also good decision: To leave Monday, giving us extra time in SF.

Good decision: Bringing business cards.
Bad decision: To not have anything to say when presenting them apart from "Hi, I'm Missy from Australia!"
New decision: The cards will be prettier next time.

Good decision: Not bringing my red suitcase (wayy too heavy).
Bad decision: Letting the strap break on my duffel.
Good decision: Allowing Holly to force me to buy a wheely one.
Bad decision: Tempting fate with new luggage meaning the New Luggage Gods and US Airways could team up to destroy my new bag.

Bad decision: Bringing four pairs of shoes when I only ended up wearing two of them.
Good decision: Dumping one of the extra pairs on Holly.
Bad decision: Leaving my favouritest jacket there as well, by mistake.

A decision: To resist the Twitter Is Taking Over The World vibe.
Good decision: The world does not need to be burdened with all the crap I would post. I can do that to my friends, not to the whole internet.
Bad decision: A lot of things happened when it was inconvenient to whip out a blog post. Twitter would have been good as a record of this trip.

Good decision: To visit FCM, LA, Whoorl, Holly, Vegas, and Tiff.
Bad decision: To not meet up with Jennster in Vegas.
Bad decision: Booking non-refundable, non-changeable flights before plans were set.
Good decision: Changing plans anyway.
Good decision: Road-tripping it to Vegas.
New decision: I allocated time unevenly. Will plan better next time.

Is it just me, or does decision not even look like a real word any more?


  1. Very sad about your new luggage. Do you have pictures of it? Before and after would be cool - from "Just purchased" to "Completely destroyed" in about a week!

  2. Holy cow, woman. You must be exhausted.

    And? Frankly the Australia part was great...It totally made you stand out.

  3. I may have been exaggerating about the level of destruction. Just a little, though.

    Exhausted, yes, for sure. Ready to go again if there was another one right now? Hell yes. And yeah, the Australia thing was pretty popular, I have to say.

  4. i think the not meeting up with me in vegas should be WORST DECISION EVER!!!! lol


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