Thursday, August 14, 2008

Want My Number?

Because I could totally give it to you right now and it would not help you the tiniest bit.

I am typing this at uni because my home internet is down again. This time it's through no fault of our internet people. Somehow - and I really have no idea how this happens - our phone number is not our phone number at the moment.

Basically, we can call out, but the number that will show up is not ours.

Crap! Does this mean mean that someone else has our phone number and could be ringing up our phone bill as I type? That's not cool, other people.


If we have someone else's phone number, I could be ringing up their bill right now. I could call Asia, Europe ... oh wait. I could call YOU.

Wait by the phone, bitches.


  1. Ummm. It could be something called slamming. Here's information on the U.S. version of this process:

    So someone may have changed your phone, your service, your everything, to some way-out provider who is charging you tons of money for the services you use every day.

    Grab your most recent bill, call your phone company, and start kicking ass.

    Damn, first Ashley's computer craps out, then Tiff gets hacked, and now this?

  2. Thanks for that link. We will definitely be checking our phone bill, just in case.

    Seriously! Why all the problems?

  3. weeellll... iimmmm still waiting...

  4. Nice to know you consider yourself one of my bitches.

  5. Waiting too. So I guess I'm one of your bitches too. Love the way your site looks by the way!

  6. Thanks Aimee.

    Phone and internet back up, no chance of a phone call. Dammit!

  7. Bugger. I was totally waiting too. Jenny says your voice is hawt.

  8. Yeah, bugger. I was totally looking forward to calling all of you.

    Pretty sure any Australian voice would do. And I loove her accent! She's the best.


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