Thursday, September 28, 2006

Things you can learn at Flinders

If you sit outside in the sun and shiver, you'll still get sunburnt.

It is possible to eat not in front in the television. (Only cos they have dinner so. damn. early.)

It is possible to eat things not cooked on a barbeque. (You know who you are. And I'm not saying they're better, in fact I miss sausages in bread.)

It is possible to take your own lunch to uni and not look like an idiot. (You may get sick of it after a while though.)

You cannot convince elder relatives that young people know how to cook. (Just cos I don't doesn't mean I can't. It just means I'm lazy when it's only me that will be praising my food.)

I can do without DVDs but I need books to read. (Still haven't got my computer CD drive fixed and am now planning to wait til I get home. But then - well, the DVD collection better watch out!)

You really can do without a car. (But not without a scooter or motorbike!)

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