Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunday Drive

I will get around to writing this post one day. Swear to god.

Ok, well, it probably wasn't worth waiting for, but here goes.

Gma and A Lyn picked me up on Sunday morning (the day after Toga). It was a nice day, even warm in the sun but with a chilly breeze. We drove up and around, and I didn't throw up my breakfast cos I hadn't had any. Ate some Ritz as my traditional road-trip stomach settler.

Got to Handorf and found a carpark. Checked out two motorbikes parked there also (only the first of many for the day). One was a Ninja, a nice dark aqua colour (which did kinda match the mood of the day).

We wandered out on to the street, decided it was too cold, so returned to the car for hoodies and cardigans.

After that, we re-commenced our walk, going up the road on one side, planning to walk as far as the bakery and then come back on the other side. Lots of arty/crafty-type places which were cute for a very limited time. Had a cruise around a nursery (a plant one, not a baby one) - had cute little stone turtles and these like sign things, one of which said "Dad's Shed - beer in, women out". I should Gma and she goes, "That's sexist," and walks away. lol. Had a browse through a used bookstore but there was nothing much (especially as I'd promised myself a visit to Marion library sometime later in the week). Saw a fresh-doughnut shop across the road and decided to get a few on the way back.

Got up to the bakery, crossed the road and had a look (we'll be back!), then turned around and walked back down the street. Had a look at a couple more places, but it was getting on to lunch time, so we were checking out menus and people's plates on the way. Got played at by an old guy with an accordian thing in (traditional German?) costume.

Ended up at some hotel/pub/restaurant thing just as the power went off. Ordered anyway and got a table in the front bar. Turns out we got $2 off the price cos we didn't sit in the back (fancy) restaurant, so that was fine. We'd each gotten a burger, but probably could have split one between us. Why does everyone insist on putting chicken salt on everything? Even when you're not eating chicken? Grr. But the burgers were delicious. I had a bacon-and-egg-and-cheese burger in honour of the recovery breakfast that I was missing.
Just as we were finishing, the power came back on again, which meant where we were sitting became very loud and front-sports-bar-ish. Good thing the power'd been off so we could happily sit there and get $2 off our meals.

Started walking again, on our way back to the bakery way way away (we thought there might have been a better one but there wasn't), then to doughnuts, then to the car. Saw lots of Harleys on the walk, and a funny-looking Royal Enfield, and lots of really nice road bikes. Anyway, got our chocolate eclairs and kitchener buns from the bakery and went back down the street (again!) to the doughnut shop. And now for the big disappointment of the day.

The power was off in only a few parts of Handorf, one of which was the doughnut shop.

How. rude.

So we went to the chocolate factory instead. (Melba's if you must know, near horse-riding.) A Lyn and I went on a samples scavenge. Scavengers never prosper though, especially on the days when they have chocolate-coated coffee beans out. Anyway, managed to make up for it with fruit tingle-type things and looked for things to actually buy. Ended up with a big chocolate M (we decided that was the letter with the most chocolate in it) and some dark and milk choc-mint things, choc frogs, and something that I don't think I asked for, and if I did, don't know what I thought I was getting. But they're ok. Decided against the cow pats. Maybe next time.

Oh yeah, and when we were deciding what to have for lunch, Gma was like, "I'm not that hungry, just a toasted sandwich or something would do me," then thought about it and added, "Although, you might want something bigger, cos this could be your main meal for the weekend."
I swear to god, she doesn't think I could cook myself a thing. At least I had a kitchener bun to keep me going til Monday.

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