Friday, September 14, 2007

More Tutor Crap

Dear Tutors,

Fuck off and leave me alone.


This post was brought to you today courtesy of the note that was laying on my bed when I got back from tea tonight:

"Hi Missy!
Came back to check your room but still can't see the floor. Will come back tomorrow (Sat) between 12-2pm.
Cheers [Senior TutorScum]."

Which means they were already in here once that I didn't know about until now, and they'll be coming back. What business it is of theirs if my (clean) clothes are spilling out of my Ikea boxes and onto the floor? None, unless it constitutes a safety risk, which this doesn't. There is a path from the door to my desk, and to my window (so they could totally check the flyscreen for holes or other maintenance issues). Fuck off, Tutors.

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