Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sensory Storage Saturday (Memory Monday #2)

As you can See, I Struggled for a title there. Am currently accepting Suggestions. On to Some more high School flaShbackS.

In my Year 12 Legal Studies class, there were two of us. And a teacher. So I guess that's three. He was the teacher who advised to get law degrees from an Australian university and then leave the country to work so we never had to pay back our HECS debt.

He was also the one who defended his right not to wear a seatbelt.

He also somehow got the impression that Lolly and I were total hard-arses who would hang or jail anyone regardless of mitigating circumstances. I just think we didn't have much patience for bullcrap. Either that or neither of us understood the complexities of law.

Lolly and I also had Yr 11 History together, with the other [Lolly] and three boys, one of which had a total crush on Lolly, and on whom [Lolly] had a crush for a time. So that was interesting.

She was our favourite teacher ever, not for any brilliance in teaching or anything, but because she always wore something different. Most teachers have a uniform that they wear every single day with minor variations in colour. History Teacher, on the other hand, had a whole bunch of different outfits in different styles. She even had different shoes to go with the different outfits! What more could you want in a role model?

Getting to the point now! One day, History Teacher suggested we have a debate. [Lolly], or possibly Crush Boy, was all, "Yeah, Girls against Boys!"

Lolly: Um, no. They can't even speak.
All three boys: Mmrmbmm.....

I kid you not. They seriously mumbled away into nothing. Best example of the other person winning your arguement for you ever.

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