Monday, September 10, 2007

Memory Monday #1

(Which may become Flashback Friday or Memembering Wednesday or Remember That Time Tuesday etc etc.)

New feature! Very exciting! At least more exciting than yet another essay post (two due on Friday) or a bitch about how lecturers feel the need to tell us how and where to use apostrophes five times in as many days as if we made it through high school without knowing that! (You guys didn't want to hear about that again did you?) And potentially not even that exciting, as I have a feeling this may be one those things where you had to be there.

So in high school, actually in years 11 and 12, there was three of us. Me and Hel and Lolly. (Hi girls!) There was a fourth but she wasn't quite as three-ish as the three of us, and also the three of us went to uni together after high school which may be influencing my view.

Anyway. I had a kind of triangle metaphor in my head but thinking it out just now, it doesn't really work. Two of us were the same and one of these things is not the other is closer. Hel and I were smarter, but Lolly and Hel were more popular. Hel was smarter than us in Chem, but Lolly and I had wayy more common sense. Which led to this classic exchange which basically summed up our respective positions in the triangle (see? I knew I could work it in somehow!):

Cue the three of us walking through Cas, as we did. A lot.
We walk past a bag with a picture of a fluffy kitten on it. (I couldn't find the actual one, but it was something like this.)

Hel: Oh my god! Isn't that so cute?!
Lolly and I in total unison and complete unenthusiasm: No.

HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No? Okay then. See you next Monday!

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