Thursday, September 13, 2007

It wasn't me!

I have a meeting with the Dean (or something like of that) of the Hall in about half an hour. (I should be early right?) I have no idea what it's about.

I got a message on my phone asking me to make a time to see her, with some options thoughtfully provided. I went to the office to make the appointment, and I asked if I could find out why I'd been asked to come. The office lady didn't know, Dean Lady's assistant didn't know, and DL herself was in a meeting and so couldn't confirm or deny anything.

I'm a tad bit nervous. I had no idea she even knew who I has. In fact, it's probably a huge case of mistaken identity. I'll walk in and she'll be all, What are you doing in my office? Scat.

Things It Could Be About:
  • This.
  • The Ranch.
  • Tutor positions close tomorrow but I haven't done anything worthy of consideration for Tutor. Plus I'm not going to be here next year.
  • I take a lot of photos at Hall events. Maybe something to do with that?
  • My room is a mess. Then again, nothing unusual about that.
In short, I have no frickin clue and it is freaking me out.

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